Orange Line Bikeway, South LA CicLAvia?, Congestion Pricing In SGV, Car-Free Chat, Dodger Stadium Shuttle, 57 / 60 Interchange & More

Buildings Don't Cause Traffic In Pasadena, Drivers Do
Brigham Yen

Caltrans cited by EPA For Water Pollution
San Francisco Chronicle

Chat With Us 11/22: Living Car-Free In Southern California (today online, 3 - 4pm)
Southern California Public Radio

The Cold And The Dark ("If Art Leahy were to meet you at the Blue Line station or at one of the Rapid bus stops, introduce you to the Metro driver, and get a conversation among the passengers started, you might even consider putting your car aside once in a while and taking Metro. He's that good.")
KCET Departures

Congressional Reps Agree To Let Go Of Earmarks, Reluctantly
("Locally, the $1.8 billion Alameda Corridor East Construction Authority project to separate traffic from railroads is a popular target for earmark funds. But there is no funding category for so-called "grade separation" projects")
Whittier Daily News

Connections vs. Complexity ("The striking thing about the Los Angeles map is that most streets have only a single line on them, even though we are immediately south of downtown and you would expect many lines to be converging.")
Human Transit

Contrasting Visions Of Urban Transport: Critique Of "Fixing Transit: The Case For Privatization" (26p. PDF)
Victoria Transport Policy Institute

Dodger Stadium Express A Success, But Future Depends On Funding
Blog Downtown

Editorial: Echoes Of The Holocaust: France's National Railway Delivered Jews To The Nazis. It's Apologized, And Now Wants To Bid On A High-Speed Rail Project In California
Los Angeles Times

Editorial: Rail Sinkhole ("More federal cash would not make a bullet train a higher-priority need for California, nor would it answer the troubling questions that surround the proposal. Other states' rejection of federal funds for high-speed rail should serve as a sign to California to rethink a dubious project, not an invitation to grab more money.")
Riverside Press-Enterprise

European Import Has Cars Spinning. Heads, Too
("Armed with mounting data showing that roundabouts are safer, cheaper to maintain and friendlier to the environment, transportation experts around the country are persuading communities to replace traditional intersections with them. There's just one problem: Americans don't know how to navigate them.")
New York Times

GOP Wants To Bring Transpo Policy Back To The 1950s
StreetsBlog DC

In The U.S., Poor Communication And Poor Choices Plague Bus Rapid Transit
The City Fix

Metrolink Adding To Fleet Of Crash-Savvy Cars: The Commuter Railroad Is Buying 20 More Hyundai Rotem Co. Coaches, Which Will Make Up 137 Of 160 Passenger Cars. Some Of The State-Of-The-Art Passenger Units Will Be Rolled Out Next Month
Los Angeles Times

Opinion: Downtown Drops The Ball On Transit Stop
Los Angeles Downtown News

Opinion: Have You Tried The Gold Line Yet?: Yes Monrovians Need To Drive To Pasadena To Catch The Train To L.A., But Now's A Great Time To Practice Your Strap-Hanging Skills
Monrovia Patch

Sanchez Urges Feds To Ship Surplus Rail Funds To California
Voice Of OC

Schulz Named President Of Los Angeles Transportation Club
Daily Breeze

S.F. Solves Funding Quandary For Central Subway
San Francisco Chronicle

Some Hope Given To Those Who Endure Traffic Bottleneck at 57 / 60 Interchange In Diamond Bar ("Led by the city of Industry, the 57/60 Confluence Project promises to solve the problem of 16 lanes of traffic being squeezed into 12.")
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

South L.A. CicLAvia Community Meeting (December 9)

To Thwart Distracted Driving, US Government Considers Cell Phone Jammers In Cars
Popular Science

Transportation Benefits Will Soon Be Cut In Half: Help Us Stop It
Transportation For America

Using Parking Fees To Reduce Street Consumption
StreetsBlog Network

What A Difference Two Years Makes, Warm Reception For Congestion Pricing In San Gabriel Valley
StreetsBlog LA

Work Starts On Orange Line Bikeway, Metro Mulls New Cycling Plans
Curbed LA

Would An Hourglass Traffic Light Work Better?