CAHSR Funds In Jeopardy, California Streetcars, End Of Automania, New & Notable Titles, Parking Management, Bus Lane Cameras & More

All Economics Is Local: The Straits Of Cities And Counties Are Hurting The Recovery
("The National League of Cities thinks nearly 500,000 workers in local government will lose their jobs in the current and coming fiscal years.")
The Economist

California Beckons High-Speed Rail Despite Midterm Derailment In Funding
The City Fix

California Cities Desire Streetcars ("The streetcar bandwagon, which has picked up dozens of cities nationwide, including Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, and Santa Ana, is fueled not only by nostalgia but also by new attitudes about both urbanism and transportation planning.")
California Planning & Development Report

Commentary: Building A High-Speed Future: 220 MPH, And No Pat-Downs

Confessions Of A Recovering Engineer
(Despite years of training and precedent, a traffic engineer questions whether we are actually creating bad and unsafe streets)
Strong Towns

Crenshaw Maintenance Facility Site Open House (December 1)
StreetsBlog LA

Editorial: $80M Legal Spree By MTA
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

E-Mails Reveal Clashes Over High-Speed Rail Project: Two Board Members Also Have Other Transit Responsibilities. Do Their Multiple Roles Enrich The Board Or Set The Scene For Conflicting Interests?
Los Angeles Times

The End Of Automania ("Are Americans as car crazy as they were in the '70s?")
New Republic

Go Metro To This Year's Hollywood Christmas Parade
Beverly Hills Courier

Gobbling Less Gas For Thanksgiving: How Clean Cars Can Save Americans Money And Cut Oil Use (15p. PDF)
Environment California Research & Policy Center

GOP House Aims To Take $2 Billion Back From California High-Speed Rail
San Jose Mercury News

Great Los Angeles Walk: Car-Free Urban Adventure
Southern California Public Radio

Interview With Jarrett Walker, International Transit Network Planner, Part 1 and Part 2
The Source

Irvine's iShuttle To Be Funded Through Exchange With OCTA
Orange County Register

Join Southern California Transit Advocates For Black Friday
MetroRider LA

Metro's Conan Cheung Updates On Next 18 Months Of Service Planning
StreetsBlog LA

New And Notable: Sprawl Repair Manual, Republic Of Drivers & Urban Mass Transit's Life Story
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Opinion: Should We Hope Congestion Gets Worse?
New York Times

Parking Management: A Contribution Towards Liveable Cities (50p. PDF)
Sustainable Transport

Paying At The Pump For Oil Wars: A Plausible Option?
StreetsBlog DC

Political Gridlock Railroads High-Speed Trains

Post-Cornfield: LA State Historic Park Actually Moving Forward?
Curbed LA

Smile: You're On Bus Lane Camera
New York Times

"Subway To The Sea" Shouldn't End 3 Miles From The Sand: But Given The History Of Transit Planning In Los Angeles, It's Actually Kind Of Fitting - There's Already A Train To LAX That Doesn't Go All The Way To The Airport
Los Angeles Times

A Tale Of Two Light Rail Lines
("A rather startling contrast can be made between the two approaches that are being pursued by the Exposition Construction Authority and the Metro Crenshaw Corridor/LAX Team with respect to community input and land use decisions relative to the two light rail lines they’re designing and constructing.")

Trains, Planes, And Pollution (infographic)
Think Progress

Transit People's Free Advice For Mayor, Metro On Free Transit Passes For Field Trips
StreetsBlog LA

The Use Of Archive Data For Planning And Operations Performance Measures (webcast : December 2)
I-95 Corridor Coalition

We're Ready To Roll!
("Please save the date to join us as wel roll out our new state-of-the-art Hyundai Rotem Rail Cars at the Whistle Stop Debut!" Dates and times listed, including Monday, December 6, 8:00a.m. at Los Angeles Union Station)

The Westside Subway: Welcome Back, Epstein
Huffington Post

What A Time-Lapsed Busy Subway Yard Looks Like (video)