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Positive Train Control, Alhambra & HSR, Bikeway Innovations, Go511, Beverly Hills Tunneling & More

Commuter "Pain" Fuels Smart Solutions
Information Week

Congestion Pricing: The View From Canada
Human Transit
Winning The Battle With Traffic Congestion: The Benefits Of Accurate Transport Pricing (15p. PDF)
Frontier Centre For Public Policy

Go Go511 Gadget!
Los Angeles County Strategic Plan For Economic Development

Internalizing The Externalized: The Case Of Roads

Kayaking, Rafting & More In The L.A. River? One L.A. City Councilmember Wants It To Happen

The Key To Cycling Safety? More Cyclists: Traffic-Calming Measures And Bike Lanes Increase The Number Of Cyclists And Decrease The Risk Of Collisions: Study
Montreal Gazette

LA County Sidewalk Riding: Part 1 ("LADOT Bike Blog will compile sidewalk riding rules for every city in LA County. That’s right, we’re going to wade through all the ordinances and municipal codes on this here blog so you don’t have to.")
LADOT Bike Blog

Looking Into Los Angeles Draft Bike Plan Implementation Strategy
StreetsBlog LA

Mass Transit: The Great Train Robbery ("What constitutes transit's primary mission: to carry more people to work or to reshape our metropolitan areas for ever denser development?...Despite promises that the $8 billion invested in rail lines over the past two decades would lessen L.A.'s traffic congestion and reshape how Angelenos get to work, the sad reality is that there has been no increase in MTA transit ridership since before the rail expansion began in 1985.")

Momentum Grows For Federal Policy Breakthrough That Would Fast-Track Bikeway Innovations
Bike Portland

NTSB Criticizes [D.C.] Metro Board Over Fatal Crash In 2009
Washington Post

Only About 1 In 100 Metro Employees Ride MTA Trains And Buses
LA Weekly

Parking Dream: Residents Can Set Parking And Traffic Rules City's More Than 900 Private Streets
New York Daily News

Pershing Square's Garage Gamble: Critics Say Lease Plan Could Hike Rate At Downtown Parking Facility
Los Angeles Downtown News

Portugal Has Embraced Renewable Energy, So Why Can't We?

Progress Derailed: The Cause & Effect Of NYC's Transit Funding Crisis: Everyone Who Rides Buses Or Subways Knows That Service Is Down And Fares Are Heading Up, But Why Is this Happening? And Does It Spell Danger For The City's Economic Future?
City Limits

PTC: Railroads, Suppliers Still Have A Ways To Go to Meet The 2015 Positive Train Control MandateTop 20 Urban Planning Successes Of All Time
Public Servant Blog

A Wider World Of Transportation
Smarter Cities