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30/10 Jobs, Frequency Mapping, Peaks & Paradigms, Freeway Murals, LAEDC Forecast, OCTA Pay, Car-Dependent Waistlines & More

Basics: The Case For Frequency Mapping
Human Transit

Breaking Ground On The Post-Interstate Interstate
Transportation Nation

Can "Webinars" Make Planning Workshops Obsolete?

City Wasted $855K On Parking Enforcement Vehicles, Audit Finds

Cost The Highest Hurdle For High-Speed Rail In U.S
Philadelphia Inquirer

Disability Groups Suing NYC MTA Over Transit Cuts
Transportation Nation

DOT Appeals To Gen Y Online

Dude, Where's My Flying Car?: Understanding Peak Years And Paradigm Shifts In Transportation Modes
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

End Is Near For Some LA Freeway Murals Due To Graffiti
Southern California Public Radio

Guiding Pedestrians: HAWKs In The Lead, While Pelicans And Puffins Fall Behind
The City Fix

How Much Will A Carbon Tax Spur Innovation?
The Atlantic

LA Light Rail: Six Decades And A Zillion $$ In The Making

LAEDC Infrastructure Forecast: Major Capital Investments Ongoing In L.A. County
Planning Report

Los Angeles Cleantech Corridor & Green District Competition ("The competition asks architects, landscape architects, designers, engineers, urban planners, students and environmental professionals to create an innovative urban vision for Los Angeles' CleanTech Corridor, a several-mile-long development zone on the eastern edge of downtown LA.")

Lost In The Shuffle: Examining TSA's Management Of Surface Transportation Security Inspectors (hearings)
U.S. House Of Representatives Committee On Homeland Security

MetroFlickrLA: MTA New Flyer
MetroRider LA

OCTA To Post Employee Pay, Benefits
Orange County Register
A Short Ride On The Bus: OCTA's Mission Imperiled (8p. PDF)
Orange County Grand Jury

Ohio Sen. Voinovich Calls For Higher Federal Gas Tax
California High Speed Rail Blog

Opinion: Accelerating Measure R's Job Creation: By Accelerating Measure R's Transit Construction Through Bond Sales, L.A. County Could Generate At Least 165,000 Jobs Here And Now With The 30/10 Project
Los Angeles Times

Our Waistlines Are Expanding In Sync With Our Car-Dependence
StreetsBlog DC

Railroads Redraw The Intermodal Map
Journal Of Commerce

U.S. Ports To See 15% Gain In 2010
The Street

US Rail Traffic Hits New 2010 Peak
Journal Of Commerce

With L.A.-Style Carpool Lanes, Will We Sacrifice Safety For Convenience?
San Jose Mercury News
How Express Lanes Will Work
San Jose Mercury News