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Rail LA Exhibit, Burbank's Airport Hub, California Planning Problems, "Learning Livability Locally," Smart Meters, Whittier Light Rail & More

Airport Hub Moves Forward: Council Vote Allows Bob Hope Officials To Clear More Hurdles For Transit Center
Glendale News-Press

California's Planning Problem, Part 1: Bad Math (audio : Travels the planned route of California high-speed rail, stopping in on supporters, detractors and those taking a hard look at the math behind a project that will cost at least $40 billion dollars by the time its done)
Transportation Nation

California's Planning Problem, Part 2: Errors, Bias And Lying
(audio : The public is weary of projects which go years past due and over budget. Are these planning discrepancies the result of trying to predict the unpredictable, or “strategic misrepresentation?” An expert opinion, and how this plays into the planning process and its problems)
Transportation Nation

Elysian Valley Bike Path Delays Lead To Renegade Action
Curbed LA

Irvine-Corona Tunnel Is A Highway To Many Hells
Salem News

Learning Livability Locally: New PBS Series Imagines Future Of American Communities
The City Fix
Blueprint America: PBS Reports On Infrastructure

Los Angeles Metro Transportation Library And Archive
Pix Feed LA

Los Angeles Will Be So Much Fun When We Get High-Speed Rail (RailLA Exhibition opens today at City National Plaza)
Curbed LA

Most Californians Want Bullet Trains, State Poll Finds
San Jose Mercury News

NTSB Blames '09 [D.C.] Metro Crash On Track Circuit Failures, Negligent Safety Attitude
Washington Post

Orange Is At It Again
California High Speed Rail Blog

Picture This, And Risk Arrest
New York Times

Planning History: A Few Of The City And Metropolitan Plans You Should Know

Putting The American Commitment To High-Speed Rail in Context
Transport Politic

Reid Energy Bill: No $ For Transit, Billions For Electric And Natural Gas Cars
StreetsBlog DC

San Francisco Spends $25 Million To Test "Goldilocks" Parking

Smart Parking Meters Spark Debate (audio : "Smart" parking meters can talk to wireless sensors embedded in the asphalt, tell the wider world when that spot is empty, and report to the city when your car has outstayed its welcome. Includes interview with parking guru Don Shoup regarding "performance parking," a smart parking plan under consideration by Los Angeles that includes congestion pricing)
California Report

T&I Unveils New Searchable Database For Member-Designed Projects: Committee Increases Transparency And Accountability
U.S. House Of Representatives Committee on Transportation And Infrastructure Press Release

Whittier Route Gets Support In Light-Rail Talks
Whittier Daily News