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A.D.A. At 20, Less Tax & More Tolls?, L.A. Planning Head's Goals, Old San Juan Bans Cars & More

7 Most Popular US Light Rails
Huffington Post

95% Of Trains Are On Time? Riders Beg To Differ
New York Times

A.D.A. Turns 20: Transportation And The Americans With Disabilities Act
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Ads On License Plates Could Be Trend Of The Future: But Is It A Good Idea? No

Cell Service, Wi-Fi Coming To A Subway Near You: MTA Deal With Transit Wireless Back On Track
New York Daily News

DOT's Big Plans Take Shape
Journal Of Commerce

A Guide For Planning And Operating Flexible Public Transportation Services (98p. PDF)
U.S. Transportation Research Board

It's A Planning Party As LoGrande Is Confirmed As Planning Dept Head
("In terms of some his immediate planning goals, LoGrande mentioned the Mayor's 30-10 plan and the need to build around the city's planned transportation projects.")
Curbed LA

L.A. Planning Department's First Public Participation Webinar

L.A. StreetsBlog Lives: Time To Party
StreetsBlog LA

LaHood Says No Fuel Tax Increase Needed For Transport
Journal Of Commerce

Modest Goals For New L.A. Planning Head
California Planning & Development Report

Opinion: An Easy Ride On The Bus
Santa Monica Daily Press

Pedestrians In Canada Take Back The Streets
(Moves to decriminalize jaywalking)
Where The Sidewalk Starts

Perspective: It Takes A Village And Leadership To Develop Port Projects (Ports of Los Angeles & Long Beach)
Cunningham Report

San Juan To Ban Cars, Make "Walkable City" ("The oldest city in the Americas bans cars from its colonial streets and outlines a plan to make San Juan more livable.")

Secretary LaHood: Republicans Tell Me In Private The Stimulus Is Working
Huffington Post

Sen. Schumer To Work To Make Transit Tax Break Permanent

Should We Scrap The Gas Tax And Simply Have More Tolls?

Soundwall Project Will Finally Bring Noise Relief To Two Duarte Schools
Pasadena Star-News

Tom Bradley And Downtown Development: The End Of A $750 Million Project Marks A Time For Reflection
Los Angeles Downtown News

Travelers Behaving Badly: Behavioral Economics Offers Insights And Strategies For Improving Transportation
In Transition

What Villaraigosa Says About His New Planning Director
LA Observed

Zip It (An around-the-world overview of anti-disorder campaigns that change urban norms include the claim that mimes mocking jaywalkers have led to fewer traffic fatalities in Bogota)
City Journal