Transportation Headlines For Friday April 2, 2010

Another U.S. Federal Agency On Board With Sustainable Transport
The City Fix

A Bike Race Through The Deserted Streets Of Los Angeles (Los Angeles bicycle crew organizes a bike race along the route of the L.A. Marathon the night before the race. The closed streets create a 26.2-mile urban raceway that is seen only once a year)

Clayton County Loses Vital Bus Service, Link To Atlanta: Many Workers Fear They’ll Lose Their Jobs Without The Transportation, Cut Off Because Of A County Budget Shortfall
Los Angeles Times

Five Things You Need To Know About High-Speed Rail
Planetizen Launches High Speed Rail News Blog

Friday Tolls Tops $10 On 91 Express Lanes Under New Rates
Riverside Press-Enterprise

How America Led, And Lost, The High-Speed Rail Race
Progressive Fix

Is Metro Ready For “30 In 10?”
StreetsBlog LA

Metrolink Board Considers Cutting Inland Trains, Raising Fares
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Moscow Subway Attack: Five Ways To Make Mass Transit Safer
Christian Science Monitor

Name The Train: ATL Turns To Social Media
Transit Wire

New Report: Congress Should Boost Truck Efficiency By Raising Gas Tax
StreetsBlog DC

New Survey: 84% Of Transit Agencies Facing Fare Hikes, Service Cuts
StreetsBlog DC
APTA Press Release
Survey Results (8p. PDF)

Sensors Make Cities Smarter: In The Not Too Distant Future, Cameras And Sensors Will Empower Officials To Monitor Constantly Changing Dynamics

Transit Agencies Search For Silver Lining To Financial Hardship: Is There A Silver Lining To The Budget Crises That Have Plagued Public Transit Providers Across The U.S.? (Top executives at some of the nation’s hard-hit transit properties respond)
Transit Talent

The True Cost Of A Miserable Commute

Up Your Alley: Hidden Development In SF Alleys
(Whether they've formed organically over thee years or through direct encouragement from city policies, a number of activated alleys in San Francisco show that these often overlooked urban areas can play a valuable role in the urban realm)

Using Social Media To Make Transit Fun!
Planning Pool