Transportation Headlines for Wednesday March 31, 2010

48 Years Ago: Downtown Encircled By Freeways
Blog Downtown

Another Reason For Congestion Pricing
Yglesias Think Progress

Federal Sign Language Tests Local Budgets
Daily Reporter

Following The Money (In an effort to improve accountability, more government agencies are freeing data about public expenditures)
Next American City

How Quickly Will Caltrans Embrace Complete Streets Guidelines?
StreetsBlog SF

If Oil Production Declines, Will HSR Opposition Decline With It?
California High Speed Rail Blog

Light Rail Or A Streetcar For Warner Center? L.A. To Apply For Transit Grant (Woodland Hills’ “Centers Concept”)

Los Angeles: The Next Great Transit Metropolis?
Human Transit

MTA Ramps Up Security After Dozens Are Killed In Moscow Subway Blasts
Whittier Daily News

New Poll Shows Americans Strongly Support Public Transportation; More Walking & Biking
Transportation For America
Future Of Transportation National Survey (2010)
Detailed Findings

Osborn Architects Re-Imagines Paved Parking Lots As An Urban Forest (proposal to re-purpose struggling auto dealerships on Glendale’s Brand Boulevard)

Regional Congestion Relief For The Cost Of A Latte
Greater Greater Washington

San Francisco First City In The Nation To Count Its Parking Spaces ("Without the basic knowledge, [city planners] have no basis on which to make decisions about future supply policy, about current management policy or even about how their transportation systems are working.")
StreetsBlog SF
SF Park (project collecting and distributing real-time information about where parking is available so drivers can quickly find open spaces)

Study: Only 2.5% Can Safely Drive & Phone
CBS News

Walkshed Technologies And The Smart City
World Changing

Wall Street Swaps Haunting Cities: How Many Transit Agencies Hold Them?
StreetsBlog DC

What Moscow’s Subway Terrorist Attack Really Means For LA
Huffington Post

Winging It: Transportation Funding Bridges Political Divide
Philadelphia Inquirer