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Transportation Headlines for Wednesday March 17, 2010

21 Top Time-Saving Cities (factors consider include commuting, walkability, traffic congestion; Seattle ranks first, Los Angeles ties for #16)
Real Simple

Burbank Lobbies For Airport Stop: Officials Say High-Speed Rail Should Have A Stop Near Transit Center
Glendale News Press

Coalition Formed To Promote Public Road Safety
PR Newswire
Partnership For Advancing Road Safety website

Educating Congress About Mass Transit
Huffington Post

End Of The Road For The LADOT!

Engaging Communities, Improving Neighborhoods (new GIS tools allow community members to collect data about their streets and improve their neighborhood livability)

Feinstein Says She’s Out Of The Loop For L.A. Transit Plan

For Cyclists, It’s A Bridge To Nowhere
StreetsBlog LA

Frail Pensioner Forced To Take 14-Mile Bus Ride When She Wants To Cross The Road…Because Village Has No Pedestrian Crossing
Daily Mail (U.K.)

The Fundamental Attribution Error In Transportation Choice
Commentary from Human Transit

Gas Prices And Consumer Behavior (among several critical points made: gasoline price changes have a larger impact on aggregate fuel consumption than on traffic levels)
New Republic

High-Speed Rail Gains Traction In Spain (Two years ago, 90% of the 6 million travelers between Madrid and Barcelona, the world’s busiest air corridor, went by air. Earlier this year, the number of train travelers has already surpassed fliers)
New York Times

How Infrastructure Shapes The Way We Move

How Many Hours Do We Waste In Traffic In Major U.S. Cities? (Infographic compares 14 major U.S. urban areas; Seattle most improved while Los Angeles shows virtually no change in past 10 years)
Way To Go, Seattle! (one-stop source for programs, tools, and information about walking, biking, using transit, and carpooling)
City Of Seattle

How To Get A Crosswalk For Your Neighborhood In 6-ish Weeks

LACBC Bike Counts: Strong Relationship Between Infrastructure And Riders On The Road
StreetsBlog LA

Maps: Road Closures Announced For L.A. Marathon
(Sunday, March 21)
LADOT Press Release Including Stadium-To-The-Sea Route Map And Closures (3p. PDF)

Orange County Transportation Authority Names New Deputy CEO
OC Metro

Postcard From A Guangzhou Traffic Jam
(after one month in service, this Chinese city’s Bus Rapid Transit system serves 800,000 passengers a day)
New York Times

Public Transportation In The Well-Deserved Spotlight
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

Public Transportation Leaders Convene In Washington: Call On Congress To Vote For Public Transit And Jobs

A Regional Gas Tax Surcharge To Sponsor Infrastructure Investment (Expanded taxation at the state level could simplify the financing of regional high-speed rail networks)
Transport Politic

Schwarzenegger To Veto Democrats' Public Transit Cuts: The Rejection By The California Governor, The Second In Two Weeks, Kills The Democrats' $4-Billion Deficit-Reduction Package
Los Angeles Times

Signs Of Bad Traffic Loom Over Echo Park (new changeable message signs on Sunset Boulevard cost $240,000 each, with questionable benefits)
Eastsider LA

The Street Names Of Los Angeles: A History (video : Part 1)
The Seaver Center For Western History Research, Natural History Museum Of Los Angeles County
Part 2 (video)
Part 3 (video)

The Taming Of The Motorcar (noted architect Victor Gruen on why traffic planners fail to help us domesticate the automobile)

TIGER Grants Highlight New Transportation Paradigm (A look at where $1.5 billion is going)
New Urban News

U.S. Transportation Department Makes Good On Promise To Ensure Our Streets Are Made Safer
Transportation For America

Villaraigosa In D.C. Seeking Support For Faster Subway, Transit Funding
Los Angeles Times

Waiting For The Paris Metro? You Might Be In An IKEA Ad
Fast Company

Woonerg: It’s Dutch For Smart City-Building (narrow streets with no curbs and finished with pavers lets drivers know that they are “guests” and people take precedent)
Toronto Star