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Transportation Headlines for Thursday March 18, 2010

1 Car = 2 Bicycles: See The Transformation Live, Starting Saturday
(Artists,with the help of students, dismantle an old car and turn it into two fully-operational bicycles)

30/10 Transportation Initiative Gaining Steam
Huffington Post

Broad’s Grand Plans: LA Collector Said To Have Selected Downtown Site For New Museum
Architects Newspaper

Brown Offers Senate Plan For More Federal Operating Aid To Local Transit
StreetsBlog DC

California Releases Detailed List Of Transportation Projects Financed With $2.5 Billion In Stimulus Funds
Earth Times
California Department Of Transportation American Recovery And Reinvestment Act Of 2009 (ARRA) Summary Of Apportionment And Obligation (168p. PDF)

CEQA Exemptions For HSR?
California High Speed Rail Blog

Clive Thompson To Texters: Park The Car, Take The Bus
(suggests that the solution to the problem of texting while driving is not to stop texting, but to stop driving. The popularity of texting is a good reason to support public transit)

Coming Soon: "Oil-less" Economic Growth

Critics: HSR Will Fail Because The Federal Railroad Administration’s Too Small

DIY Goes Legit: Hills Community Wants To Pay For Its Traffic Calming (Mt. Olympus)
StreetsBlog LA

Grade Separation Project Moving Forward In Ontario
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

High-Speed Rail As A Conduit Of Sprawl

If It Does Matter Where CO2 Is Released, Cities Are In Trouble (includes map)

NYC Wants To School LA On Traffic...With Bicycles

Oberstar Proposes Federal Loan To Fill Highway Funding Gaps: Chairman Of House Transportation And Infrastructure Committee Floats Plan For $130 Billion Loan From General Treasury To Cover Highway Trust Fund Budget Shortfall
DC Velocity

Parking Policy Reform More Important Than LEED Certification

Ray LaHood: “The End Of Favoring Motorized Transportation”

Renegade Sharrow Push Underway Across The City
Curbed LA

“Sea-Change” Coming To Transportation Planning

Villaraigosa Steps Up Case For “30 In 10” In D.C.
StreetsBlog DC

Was O.C. Shortchanged On Stimulus Aid?
Orange County Register

What's In A Name? "Transit" Vs. "Public Transportation"
Boise Weekly

Why L.A.’s New One Block Railway Is A Sign Of Things To Come
True Slant