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Transportation Headlines for Tuesday March 23, 2010

Amtrak Planning Major Push To Operate True High-Speed Lines
Transport Politic

Angels Payoff: Crowds Come And Vendors Rejoice As Railway Reopens
Los Angeles Downtown News

Architects Envision Future Of Bike Sharing In Copenhagen

Biden Says 10,000 Stimulus Projects Aiding Transport
Journal Of Commerce

Biking Is Not Alternative Transportation

Calls To OCTA Grow To Record Level
Orange County Register

Caltrans Director To Become Chief Of Contra Costa Transportation Authority
San Jose Mercury News

Case Against MTA Bus Driver Dismissed; Others Still Face Embezzlement Charges
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Chief Medical Officer Calls For Eightfold Increase In Cycling
(Britain's outgoing chief medical officer says an 800% increase is necessary to combat obesity and other health disorders)

Dirty Politics: N.Y. Butts Into Clean Truck Policy
Los Angeles Daily News

Downtown’s 10 Worst Eyesores: Abandoned Buildings And Derelict Plots That coulda Woulda Shoulda Been Something Else
Los Angeles Downtown News

Editorial: All Aboard! Mayor’s Reshaping Of [Houston] Metro Is Off To A Promising Start
Houston Chronicle

Filming Closure: 3/24-3/25 9am-3:30pm: Main At 6th For "24"
Blog Downtown

Janette Sadik-Khan On Changing The Transportation Game (New York City Transportation Commissioner speaks at this past weekend's Street Summit)
Full speech (audio)

Jevons’ Paradox And The Perils Of Efficient Energy Use
(Jevon's Paradox is the idea that the more efficient a resource becomes, the more it is consumed. With new future fuels in the works, those promoting sustainability and conservation find themselves at odds with innovation)
Fast Company

Metro’s Public Information Team Fails At Informing The Public

Mixed Message: If You Don't Fill Out Your Census, We Won't Do More Widenings
StreetsBlog LA

News From The Summit: Dude, Where's My Bike Plan?
StreetsBlog LA

Planes May Fly Mostly On Biofuels Within 10 Years
Business Week

Red-Light Camera Company May Get Three-Month Extension
Los Angeles Daily News

Riding L.A. Mass Transit System Hard For Its Flaws: Too Little Is Done To Make The Region's Public Transportation Network A Convenient And Practical Alternative To Driving
Los Angeles Times

Senate Health Bill Approved: What It Means For Transportation
StreetsBlog DC

Should Bikes And Cars Be Treated Equally?
National Journal Transportation Blog

Stop Spacing: The Endless, Thankless, And Essential Struggle
Human Transit

StreetSummit Speakers Inspire, Educate And Rally Livable Streets Advocates
StreetsBlog LA

Vroom! Three New Speed Limit Increases Come To City Council
StreetsBlog LA