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Transportation Headlines for Monday March 22, 2010

An Artistic Metropolis Hidden Underground: A Guide To The Vibrant Art That Enlivens L.A.'s Metro Stations
Occidental College Weekly

A Busway For Van Nuys Blvd. And More Rail Service In The Valley?

Carless Streets And Creative Thinking: What LA Can Learn From NYC
Curbed LA

The City That Loves The Car Was Slow To Pay For Parking: Meters Gobbling A Nickel An Hour Made Their First Appearance In 1949
(paid parking began on an experimental basis on Lankershim Boulevard near the present site of the Metro Red Line station in North Hollywood)
Los Angeles Times

The Crenshaw Station Debate: Dispatches From The Subway Meeting
Curbed LA

Could School Bus Ads Save School Budgets?
ABC News

Does High-Density Life Have A Bigger Ecological Footprint? And Why?
Human Transit

Feds Deem Pedestrians, Cyclists And Motorists Equals

Finding The Bus Fare To Get To Class

Foothill Transit Bus Riders Worry About Cuts, Elimination Of Area Routes
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

Forced March To The Cities: More And More Legislation Across The County Is Hoping To Drive Residents Out Of The Suburbs

Harry Reid: "No One Is Stopping" Maglev Train Proposal
Las Vegas Sun

His Offense: Taking 2 Seats On A Nearly Empty Train
New York Times

Inhofe: California Is Dictating To Feds On Auto Fuel Efficiency
StreetsBlog DC

Metro Billboards Have A New Audience
MetroRider LA

Metro Goes Into Company Mode! Above The Law?

No Consensus On Possible Subway Stop At Wilshire & Crenshaw

NYC Commissioner Says L.A. Should Quickly Move On Transportation Pilot Programs

Reducing The U.S. Transportation Sector's Oil Consumption And Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Policy Brief
Harvard University Belfer Center for Science And International Affairs, Energy Technology Innovation Policy Research Group
Full-Text Report (52p. PDF)

Taking The Driver Out Of The Car: Why Robocars, And Not High Speed Rail, Could Revolutionize Transportation In The Next Decade
Wall Street Journal

Train Hobbyists Show What Gets Them Steamed Up
Los Angeles Times

Transit Industry Group Adds A Caveat To Its Stance On Operating Aid
StreetsBlog DC

Transport Fix To Jobs Bill Would Take $192M From CA, Send $76M To TX
StreetsBlog DC

Uneasy Riders

U.S. Access Board Updating Section 508 Disability Regulations
Federal Computer Week

What American Demographics Will Look Like In 2050
New Geography

Which States Suffer When Gas Prices Rise?

Will Your Railroad Crossing Be Silenced?
Orange County Register

World's High-Speed Train Makers Set Sights On U.S.
New York Times