Transportation Headlines for Tuesday September 9, 2008

$10 billion bond for high-speed rail sought
San Diego Union Tribune

710 extension: Battle lines drawn
Bottleneck Blog

American Apparel can't get a bus to match its needs - Two warehouses in downtown L.A. that sit 1.6 miles from Union Station don't have direct service to the depot
Los Angeles Times

An open letter to the next president on sustainable development

BizFed goes for Measure R
Bottleneck Blog

Blogger to Politician?

California High-Speed Rail Authority Determines Train System Is Capable of Pollution-Free Operation - Zero Emissions Called Well Within Capabilities

California State Budget -- By The Numbers
California City News

Congress Weighs Boosting Funds for Mass Transit
Wall Street Journal

Digitally Networked Mass Transit
World Changing

Does American Apparel deserve improved mass transit?
Bottleneck Blog

Judge doesn't halt ports' clean-truck program
Los Angeles Times

LA County puts taco truck battle on front burner
Associated Press

Los Angeles’ 19th Century Railroad
History, Los Angeles County

LOST & FOUND: Keys. Books. An oxygen tank. A surfboard. A blow-up doll. A stuffed puffer fish. A wedding dress. These are just some of the thousands of items that travelers in Los Angeles and London leave on subways and buses every year
Arts & Living

NYC Transit to test bilevel bus, would be fleet's first since '50s
NY Daily News

Pat Brown Institute Goes 2.0
LA Voice

Public hearing set on 101 widening
Ventura County Star

Race to use less gas in the long haul
Los Angeles Times

RailPAC-Public MEETING Scheduled in Palm Desert

Safety group calls for raising driving age to 18
Daily News

Smart Growth Principles Central to California's Groundbreaking Growth Bill
Smart Growth Online

Subway to the Sea Meeting Dispatch: Drama, Progress
Curbed LA

Top Ten New Urban Communities List Targets Women as Key Change Agents for a Green, Local Economy
Smart Growth Online

Transit LA: Gold Line Underground Eastside Extension
LA Cityzine

Valley Industry and Commerce Association – November Ballot Positions