Transportation Headlines for Monday September 8, 2008

Attorney general Brown sues 2 port trucking firms over labor practices
Los Angeles Times

Bikes *In* The Bus!
Militant Angeleno

Calif. Aims to Concentrate Growth to Cut Use of Cars - High-Density Development May Get Dibs on Funds
Washington Post

Capitol Journal: Allow a majority budget vote - The delay in passing a state fiscal plan is not the fault of Republicans or Democrats but of the state's supermajority rule
Los Angeles Times

Container that revolutionized shipping - Moving the same box from origin to ship to destination increases efficiency but drives jobs across the ocean
Press Enterprise

Hopes Dim For Lowenthal Container Fee Becoming Law
Cunningham Report

How to keep the flow of cargo from overwhelming streets and freeways
Press Enterprise

Is There a Future in Politics for Urban-Minded Bloggers?

L.A. must plan to keep region competitive and vital
Daily News

Los Angeles port, truckers group head for court
Los Angeles Times

Metro aims to improve public transit in West LA - Community meetings held in major areas, including Westwood, Culver City and Santa Monica
UCLA Daily Bruin

More green lights in San Bernardino County motorists' future
Press Enterprise

My View: Budget crisis burdens everyone in California - By Arnold Schwarzenegger
Sacramento Bee

Paying bus fares
Riding Transit In Los Angeles

Plan to cut projects funding upsets local politicians
Whittier Daily News

Report lauds Industry stadium site - But air quality, traffic are issues
San Bernardino Sun

Seeding the future with 'podcars' - Bringing convenience, efficiency and safety to mass transit
Los Angeles Times

SunLine rolls out changes to bus routes
Desert Sun