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Transportation Headlines for Thursday July 31, 2008

Local political consultant and BoifromTroi blogger Scott Schmidt has a new mission. As the founder and president of the Southern California Rail Riders Union, he wants to see a subway line become a reality in West Hollywood as part of a regional plan to relieve traffic congestion and make real public rail a real transportation possibility

Bay Area Regional HOT Lane Plan Approved

Bicycle alerts painted on streets - Drivers need reminders to share the road, city says
Ventura County Star

BLOWBACK - The MTA's sales-tax boondoggle (by Eric Mann and Manual Criollo of the Bus Riders Union),0,4715127.story
Los Angeles Times

Bus, train ridership soars with gas prices
Daily Bulletin

Californians fight cost by reducing their driving
Sacramento Bee

China Failing to Clear Air for Olympics

County to allow first oil steps - Whittier hopes to reap benefits from drilling
Whittier Daily News

County fair begins its annual run today - Patrons can take advantage of discounts, transportation to event
Ventura County Star

Gas prices prompt new lifestyles
Ventura County Reporter

Gasoline prices are rolling over teens' summer fun,0,492250.story
Los Angeles Times

Google Maps Adds Mass Transit Support For S60 And Windows Mobile Phones
Information Week

Google Transit - best tool since wheel invented

HOT Lanes: Getting the most out of our highways
PPC Tech

Light Rail Rises in the Southwest

Metrolink eases stress for Ladera commuters - Ridership has increased by 7.3 percent in Orange County
Orange County Register

Metro's sales tax would fund... Here's some detail of what would be funded by the proposed 1/2-cent 30-year Los Angeles County sales tax that Metro approved July 24
LA Visions

Metro's Twitter Proves Usefulness After Earthquake

MTA seeks sales tax increase in November
Los Angeles Wave

PLAN AFOOT TO GET S.F. WORKERS OUT OF CARS - BUSINESS' OBLIGATION: Firms would have to provide transit passes or shuttle service or help employees set up pretax accounts
San Francisco Chronicle

Revenge of the MetroCard Machines, Part II
New York Times

Ridership on Metrolink is on the rise
Pasadena Star News

Seismic retrofits of California bridges
Bottleneck Blog

Study Ranks States on Road Conditions and Cost-Effectiveness (From the Reason Foundation’s point of view)
Yahoo! News

Transit needs some creativity
All About Cities

WeHo Will Text You (Emergency Notification System)

Whittier interested in Gold Line extension
Los Angeles Wave