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Transportation Headlines for Sunday July 27, 2008

Bus Driver's Serenade
Militant Angeleno

Busy bus route reveals a cross section of O.C.,0,2558148.story?track=rss
Los Angeles Times

Cost of gas could aid Ventura County Fair - Options include trains, carpools, buses, experts say
Ventura County Star

Dodger Trolley Makes Its Game Day Debut

Fans wait on deck for mayor, then enjoy Dodger Stadium shuttle's return,0,3244517.story
Los Angeles Times

For L.A., does size matter? Now that the city's population has nearly stopped growing, how do we define ourselves?,0,2774556.story
Los Angeles Times

Happy 5th Birthday, (M) Gold Line!
Militant Angeleno

HOT lanes offer promise of less highway congestion
Inside Bay Area

Lofty living for less - Downtown move pays dividends,0,6698655.story
Los Angeles Times

MTS: June set records for bus, trolley ridership
San Diego Union Tribune

Pasadena Gold Line opening (anniversary)
Light Rail

Pedal off the metal - Motorists ease off the gas to counter rising fuel costs
San Diego Union Tribune

Pedal Power - With Gas Above $4 A Gallon, More And More People Are Trading In Four Wheels For Two
CBS News

RTA wants to curtail two bus routes, link two others to San Jacinto Valley
Valley Chronicle

Think you know the rules of the road? Most people, especially in L.A., think they know how to drive. But do they really know what drives traffic?,0,5987980.story
Los Angeles Times

Walk to work on the wild side - Life in the city center exercises the body and the senses,0,4918633.story?track=rss
Los Angeles Times

Would You Drive 55?,8599,1826694,00.html