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January 9: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History (Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley helps roll out the first of 30,000 new information-rich bus signs for the Los Angeles area in the San Fernando Valley)
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

$1B Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Begins

2012 Census Of California Water Transit Services ("The US Bureau of Transportation Statistics conducts a nationwide census of ferry boat operators for the US Department of transportation and the collected information is used for statistical purposes....FHWA has asked that Caltrans assure the ferry boat data is current for MAP-21.)
Mineta Transportation Institute

As The Calendar Changes, Some Big Downtown Problems Persist
Los Angeles Downtown News

Bike Parking Ordinance Moves Back To City Council
StreetsBlog LA

Boom! Freeway Pile Driving Starts Up Again ("Loud and disruptive" activity on the eastbound 22 Freeway to northbound 405 Freeway Connector will continue weekdays for months.")
Belmont Shores-Naples Patch

Broad Museum To Open In 2014 With 2,000 Works Of Contemporary Art
Blog Downtown

Calling All Transit Users: LA/2B Needs Your Feedback (That Means You, South L.A.)
StreetsBlog LA

City Council Approves More Than $1 Million In Expenses For Santa Monica's Big Blue Bus ("to keep...fleet in tip-top shape.")
Santa Monica Lookout

Corporation-As-Carpool Dispute Curbed ("State vehicle code 470’s definition of a person includes “natural persons and corporations.")
Pacific Sun

Do T&I Committee Members Get The Transpo Needs Of American Cities? ("The Cap’n ranked House Transportation Committee members, from both parties, by the percentage of car-free households in their district and the percentage of people who primarily commute by transit, according to Census numbers.")
StreetsBlog DC

Happy 150th Birthday, London Tube! (13 historic maps illustrate how the system, and its representation, has changed over time)
The Atlantic: Cities

L.A. Considers Using Post-Redevelopment Funds For Economic Development
California Planning & Development Report

Long Beach's $1B Gerald Desmond Bridge Started Work Today
Curbed LA

An Open Letter To The L.A. City Council: Let's Move Forward, Not Retreat To Our Auto-Centric Past
Biking In LA

Public Transit Is Boring. Why Not Make It Fun? ("Transit should be such fun, so we feel attached to it emotionally as well as rationally...")
Natural Resources Defense Council Switchboard Blog

Resource Allocation Logic Framework To Meet Highway Asset Preservation (91p. PDF)
National Cooperative Highway Research Program

Rice Educator Makes Bus A Vehicle For Learning ("He pictures a journey to California that allows an anthropologist to study urban planning in Los Angeles...")
My San Antonio

Santa Monica Now Juggling 32 Development Applications
Santa Monica Patch

Security Theater Cannot Sidetrack High-Speed Rail
USC Annenberg Neon Tommy

Should Parking Be Taxed To Fund Bike Paths?

Sipping Black Gold From The Center Of La Cienega Boulevard ("In one sense the middle of La Cienega Boulevard was a fitting place for an oil derrick. But many failed to see the logic. For decades, photos of this bizarrely located well, which sipped some 600,000 barrels of crude oil from the ground over its nearly 40-year lifespan, circulated around the world as visual proof of Los Angeles’ eccentricity.")
LA as Subject via Los Angeles Magazine

Wearing Two Hats? Seven Tips For Planners When Serving On The Planning And Zoning Commission
Western Planner

Zipcar's Purchase By Avis: Car Sharing Success Or Failure?
The City Fix

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