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Green Line Noise, Gold Line Monrovia, Google Transit, Amtrak, HSR, Countdown Clocks, Downtown Projects & More

February 22: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History (One of L.A.'s slowest stretches of freeway gets a carpool lane)
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

All Aboard (Not): Why Has Amtrak Stopped Letting Children Take The Train On Their Own?

America's Crumbling Transportation Infrastructure
Minnesota Public Radio

Attracting, Recruiting, And Retaining Skilled Staff For Transportation System Operations And Management (163p. PDF)
National Cooperative Highway Research Program

Billions In HSR Funds Could Be Spent Upgrading SoCal Trains
Curbed LA

Bringing Back The Building: The Latest Information On 70 Downtown Projects
Los Angeles Downtown News

Caltrans Pressured To Sell Homes Bought For 710 Freeway Extension
Los Angeles Times

Classic L.A. To Z: U Is For Union Station
Los Angeles Magazine

Editorial: Dump This $260 Billion Turkey Of A House Transportation Bill
Silicon Valley Mercury News

Expo Regional Connector Up For Final Vote
Santa Monica Patch

A Few Thoughts On Countdown Clocks And Subway Headways
Second Avenue Sagas

Fixing America's Freeways: The Private Sector Is Reinventing Our Expressways, One Lane At A Time

Gold Line Deals With Monrovia Appear Imminent ("Gold Line officials and the city have reached agreements on several parts of a critical land deal needed for the Foothill Extension to progress.")
Monrovia Patch

Google Transit: How (And Why) The Search Giant Is Remapping Public Transportation ("There’s been a dramatic shift over the last five years in the way people plan trips on public transportation and the way transit agencies communicate with their riders—and Google is the main instigator.")

Guide For Managing NEPA-Related And Other Risks In Project Delivery (70p. PDF)
National Cooperative Highway Research Program

Here're Mayoral Candidate Jan Perry's Thoughts On LA Planning
Curbed LA

High Speed Rail: America's Rail Legacy Continues ("Celebrating the anniversary of Lincoln’s birth (and the birthday of George Washington) on Presidents' Day, I remembered a President who loved transportation, with his words as well as his actions, and who understood its importance to our nation's economy.President Obama’s vision for High Speed Rail is an extension of that legacy.")
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

A HopStop, A Skip, And A Jump: The Transit Website And Mobile App Continue To Move Forward ("The reason for HopStop’s success is the fans.")
New York Enterprise Report

House Transportation Bill Backs Offshore Drilling
San Francisco Chronicle

Infrastructure Becomes Campaign Fodder ("With lawmakers in a tangle, why shouldn't Obama propose what he really wants for transportation, even if it's a pipe dream? Does the White House infrastructure budget proposal give any hope to the transportation community that they might soon get some certainty on funding? Will it make a difference to the average American in deciding how to vote? Does infrastructure make a good campaign topic? Or is the recent infrastructure furor really just an inflated version of the same transportation conversations that have always taken place among same policymakers and lobbyists?")
National Journal Transportation Experts Blog

Is Google Wallet Safe? A Recent Security Flaw Raises Questions About Mobile Payments
MIT Technology Review

K Street Pessimistic About Highway Bills
The Hill

Los Angeles Mayor Sets Sights On Bigger Stage
New York Times

Metro May Tackle Ear-Splitting Noise At Green Line Stations
Curbed LA

The More They See, The Less They Like: 10 Reasons Why The Opposition To The House Transportation Bill Is Growing
Transportation For America

Origins Of The Metro Code Of Conduct
StreetsBlog LA

Replay: 600 Business & Other Groups Oppose House Transit Provision
Transportation Issues Daily

Republicans Rebel Against An Oily Transportation Bill: Instead Of Fixing Roads, The House Leadership Proposes A Bonanza For The Oil Industry. Many Republicans Are Balking

SANDAG's 2050 Transportation Plan Drawing More And More Heat
StreetsBlog LA

Southland Gasoline Prices Reach Highest Amount Since Late May
CBS Los Angeles

There's A Train Comin': Light Rail Changes South L.A. Housing Market
Healthy Cal

Transportation Bills To Get Tune-Up During Recess

Two Tenths Of One Percent (How the cost of California high-speed rail stacks up against the overall state gross domestic product)
California High Speed Rail Blog

Villaraigosa For Transportation Secretary ("If President Obama wins re-election, the mayor would be a natural for the cabinet -- particularly the transportation secretary post.")
NBC Los Angeles

What's The Difference Between A Street And A Road?
Mental Floss

You Work 3.84 Minutes Per Day To Pay For Your Bicycle, 2 Hours For Your Car

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