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January 20: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History (What happened on Hollywood Boulevard and what was "Sunday Sample Day"?)
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

BHUSD Trenches Expose MTA Study Flaws At High School (32p. PDF)
Beverly Hills Courier

Conservative Policy Group Advocates For Public Private Partnerships To Fill Transportation Funding Gap
Transportation Issues Daily

Do Brookings And Heritage Agree On Public-Private Partnerships?
StreetsBlog DC

Does An Airport Line Have To Reach The Airport?
The Transport Politic

Frank McCourt Might Keep Dodger Stadium Parking Lots ("McCourt can sell the lots to the next Dodgers owner — or he can try to develop the land. Some say he will use the acreage as a bargaining chip; others think he hopes to build next to the stadium.")
Los Angeles Times

Glendale OKs Rail Crossing Upgrades: Completion Of Work Could Help Move City Into A Rail "Quiet Zone"
Glendale News-Press

Is Governor Brown California Dreaming In Los Angeles?

L.A. City Adding New Bikeways, Will They Reach Pledged 40 Miles By June 30?
StreetsBlog LA

LA Mayor Candidate Austin Beutner Lays Out Jobs Plan ("He argued for increased manufacturing in L.A., citing electric buses as a potential boon. The MTA’s buses, which are currently ordered from Alabama and Minnesota, should be made locally.")
USC Annenberg Neon Tommy

L.A. Metro Announces Open Houses To Examine Final EIS/EIR For Regional Connector Transit Corridor
Everything Long Beach

L.A.'s Antonio Villaraigosa Discusses Transit Funding With China ("Fearing a stalemate in Congress over transportation funding, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is looking to the Chinese government as an option to possibly save his ambitious plan to build a dozen mass-transit projects in 10 years instead of 30.")
Los Angeles Times

Local Agencies Clean Up With APTA Awards
StreetsBlog LA

Los Angeles Railroad Heritage -- In Alhambra? ("Few are aware that an Alhambra-San Gabriel Line served the city from 1900-1940, carrying nearly 2 million people at its peak along a rail transit line connecting Los Angeles to Temple City.")
Alhambra Source

Metro: More Trains, More Often ("Metro CEO Art Leahy met and listened to what NoHo community and business leaders had to say.")
NoHo Arts District

Metro's Plan To Let You Ride A Bike In SaMo, Drop It Downtown
Curbed LA

More Fuel-Efficient Cars Spell Less Money For Mass Transit
Triple Pundit

A New Four-Lane Superhighway To Be Built Only For Bikes

Opinion: Smart Growth Is Healthy Growth
San Bernardino Sun

President Obama And The Forgotten Urban Agenda

Re-Imagining Glendale Boulevard (Notable ideas from this workshop include using part of the 2 Freeway as an LA version of New York's High Line, Glendale Boulevard as a winding road, and Glendale Boulevard as a destination)
StreetsBlog LA

Rethinking Transit: How Cities Are Repairing Disconnects Between Downtowns And Historic Neighborhoods ("As Los Angeles embarks on building the largest, most comprehensive transit system in the country, reconsidering factors such as density and integration into the surrounding neighborhoods will determine how Union Station becomes a new heart and center for the city.")
Urban Land Institute

Transportation Mashup: Re-Thinking Public Engagement
Talking Transportation

What's The Best Way To Get Users To Embrace Mass Transit? Make It Pleasant? Or Make It Efficient?

Why Trees Make For Safer Streets
Sustainable Cities Collective

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