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Expo Line Development, Gold Line Bridge, Burbank Buses, Crosswalks, Mileage Fees & More

Blumenauer: Let's Stop Hiding In Fear Of A Mileage Fee
StreetsBlog DC

A Brief History Of The Barnes Dance ("The Barnes Dance, sometimes called a scramble, is an intersection where car traffic halts for a bit so pedestrians can cross in all directions -- including diagonally.")
The Atlantic: Cities

Burbank To Pursue Advertising On City Buses To Generate Revenue
Burbank Leader

City Officially Unveils "Continental Crosswalk," Promises 50 More In Next Three Months
StreetsBlog LA

Cliff Dwellers, Is This A Big Deal? ("People in Washington D.C. are obsessed with the fiscal cliff, but let's move the discussion beyond that. What are other risk factors to infrastructure in 2013? What is the best prediction of how the fiscal cliff negotiations could impact transportation? How important is it for the construction industry to watch Congress next year? Where will the infrastructure economy grow? Where will it shrink?")
National Journal Transportation Experts Blog

D.C. To Start Testing Streetcars Next Spring (The first in the nation's capital since 1962)
Transportation Nation

Editorial: Congratulations, Streetcar Team
Los Angeles Downtown News

Gas Consumption Keeps Falling In State
Sacramento Bee

Gold Line Bridge Completion Ceremony
Pasadena Patch

How Britain Is Helping Its Citizens Buy Bikes
The Atlantic: Cities

LA Gets Serious About Walkers With 53 Continental Crosswalks
Curbed LA

LA's Last Coin-Op Meter
Curbed LA

LACMTA Begins Utility Relocation Work For Regional Connector

Largest Single Public Art / Transit Infrastructure Project In California Completed ("The Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority...marked the completion of the landmark Gold Line Bridge by giving guests a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to walk across the largest, single public art/transit infrastructure project in California, the 584-linear foot sculpture that will serve as the Gateway to the San Gabriel Valley.")
PR Newswire

Light Rail Plan For Los Angeles International Airport Advances ("Airport agency and Metro, formerly with competing visions, get together on four possible light rail station sites at LAX.")
Los Angeles Times

Money-Making, Congestion-Reducing Express Lanes Spread On California Freeways
USC Annenberg Neon Tommy

NACTO 2012: Leading City DOT Commissioners Talk Transportation Politics

Post-Sandy Gaps In The NYC Subway Map Remain Stubbornly Unrepaired
Transportation Nation

Study: Transit Apps Make Us Happier Commuters
Fast Company Design

Toll Lanes Could Help Fund The 405 Transit Corridor Project
Curbed LA

Train Travel Makes A Comeback ("Despite some political and economic hurdles, more communities are reviving intercity rail links or making plans for new ones.")
MSN Money

The Typical Municipal Budgeting Process Is Rigged Against Infrastructure Investments
The Atlantic: Cites

We Fought For The Expo Line...Now It's Time To Fight For The Neighborhood ("Four questions must be posed before either LA City Planning or the LA City Council dismisses any and all opposition to this gigantic [Casden/Sepulveda] project.")

W.H.L. Corran's City Of Los Angeles In 1891 (Did you know that USC used to be considered "West Los Angeles?")
Los Angeles Magazine

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