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Carmageddon II Impacts & "Carmaheaven", Complete Communities, MAP-21, Gas Tax, 710, Clean Transit Technology & More

October 1: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History (Pacific Electric is no more after being sold to Metropolitan Coach Lines)
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

After LaHood ("What are the biggest challenges for the next Transportation Secretary? What qualities would get that person to advance the ball on infrastructure? Where should LaHood's replacement have expertise? In business? In surface transportation? In aviation? In Congress? And while we're at it, why don't all of you throw any names into the hat that I haven't thought of.")
National Journal Transportation Experts Blog

Are We There Yet?: Creating Complete Communities For 21st Century America (96p. PDF : "Reconnecting America believes that when communities — urban, suburban or rural — offer what people need, we begin to get closer to “there.” We see higher high school graduation rates, reduced rates of obesity and diabetes, and reduced traffic congestion and cleaner air. We see more people walking and biking and engaging in their communities and we see a reduction in crime. Our children live in safe and affordable housing, and we see citizens getting active in the democratic process and the creation of civic environments that foster more economic activity and jobs — which gives the U.S. an economic competitive advantage.")
Reconnecting America

Bicyclists Arise From Carmageddon II
Los Angeles Daily News

Bloomberg: Transit Should Be Free, And Drivers Should Pay More

Carmageddon II An Uneventful Sequel For Los Angeles
Los Angeles Daily News

Carmageddon II Comes To A Close: Los Angeles, Restart Your Engines ("Carmageddon Redux came to an end according to plan before Monday's commute got underway. But unlike last year's freeway closure, which wrapped up an unexpected 17 hours ahead of schedule, this time construction crews used most of their allotted time to make as many improvements to the 405 Freeway as possible.")
Los Angeles Times

Carmageddon II: Different Opinions On Freeway Widening
Los Angeles Times

"Carmaheaven": Closure Of 405 In 2011 Improved Air Quality Up To 83%
UCLA Newsroom

Completing A Grants Management Framework Can Enhance FRA's Administration Of The HSIPR Program (27p. PDF)
Federal Railroad Administration

Could The Sepulveda Corridor Congestion Reduction Plan Equal Carmaheaven? ("After some analysis, I bring you the Sepulveda Corridor Congestion Reduction Plan. The plan is a public-private partnership that leverages immediate, private investment in the early years in order to bring bring near term relief to automobile and bus commuters, while providing a new source of funds to construct light rail between the San Fernando Valley and LAX by 2025.")
StreetsBlog LA

Creating The Santa Monica Freeway, Building Walls Across Communities (Historic images illustrate the story of how freeway construction was the real "Carmageddon" for Los Angeles communities)
LA As Subject via KCET

Drab San Fernando Boulevard In Burbank Set For Make-Over
Burbank Leader

Five Taxes We Should Raise. Really. ("The federal gasoline tax hasn't been increased since 1993, and a third of its value has been eaten away by inflation. This has led to federal and state governments dipping into general revenue to pay for roads, an effective subsidy for driving which should be eliminated by raising the gas tax.")

A Japanese Subway Train Composed Of Music
The Atlantic: Cities

MAP-21: Moving Ahead For Progress In The 21st Century (New centralized webpages explain everything you need to know about the new federal transportation legislation)
Federal Highway Administration

Mayoral Candidates Step Into Sidewalk Debate
Los Angeles Times

Metro To Apply To Become "Managing Agency" For Surfliner
StreetsBlog LA

The Most Elegant Transit Maps Ever
The Atlantic: Cities

MTA Hears Opposition Grow Louder To 710 Freeway Tunnel Plan
Los Angeles Times

OCTA Rideshare Week Starts Oct. 1
Los Alamitos-Seal Beach Patch

Opinion: The MTA Is Child's Play
Glendale News Press

President Barack Obama And Mitt Romney Talk Infrastructure In Plain Dealer Interviews
Cleveland Plain Dealer

Public-Transit Apps Bolstered By Missing iOS-6 Feature

Riding With L.A.'s Transit Punk ("A punk rocker from Los Angeles has gotten the attention of local leaders for taking on a couple of issues that just about every Angelino can relate to: crowded freeways and public transportation. But first there are a couple of things you need to know about Eddie Solis...")
California Report

Road Safety In New York And Los Angeles: U.S. Megacities Compared With The Nation (33p. PDF)
University Of Michigan Transportation Research Institute

San Bernardino Train Extension Gathers Momentum
Contra Costa Times

Transit On The Cutting Edge Of Clean Technology (11p. PDF : "This white paper reviews the substantial progress that transit agencies have made in investing in innovative clean technologies and fuels, such as electricity, hybrid vehicles, electric storage, biofuels, natural gas, and hydrogen fuel cells. Transit, in fact, has often been on the cutting edge of adopting these clean technologies,driven in part by a range of federal and state policies, programs, and incentives.")

Upcoming I-405 Closing In Los Angeles Gets Attention Of Bay Area Drivers
Silicon Valley Mercury News

What You Need To Know About The Wilshire Grand Work
Curbed LA

When "Carmageddon" Strikes, How Much Of California Feels The Pain?
The Atlantic: Cities

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