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Advocates Plea To Boxer: Save Funds For Safe Streets, Don't Let House Gut NEPA
StreetsBlog LA

Authority Puts $1.75M Toward Metrolink Train Station ("New Metrolink site would be a big boost to Antelope Valley line, official says.")
Burbank Leader

Boehner Masks GOP Attack On Safe Streets By Opposing Flowers
StreetsBlog DC

California Bullet Train Faces Tough Vote In Senate ("Gov. Jerry Brown is requesting $6 billion to start construction in the Central Valley, but some senators hope to distribute the funds elsewhere.")
Los Angeles Times

Caltech Bicyclists Seek East-West Corridors Through Pasadena
Pasadena Star-News

Caltrans Renters Gripe To Auditors ("Residents in homes in the 710 gap are full of complaints about living conditions.")
Pasadena Sun

City Plans For Development Around Rail Stations ("With Metrolink expecting to begin service to Redlands at five rail stops later this decade, the City Council last week took an early step toward planning for development around the stations.")
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Confessions Of A Straphanger (Interview with author Taras Grescoe : "Even Los Angeles, I stayed downtown at the Biltmore. I rented a car for a little while, but I ended up discovering a whole different side of the city because I was in proximity to the Los Angeles subway, which a lot of people don't know exists.")
The Atlantic: Cities
Los Angeles & The Straphanger: Surviving The End Of The Automobile Age  (" Grescoe writes extensively about the Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension, our “tortuous” freeway system, the Bus Riders Union, plans for a Westside Subway Extension, “the trouble with Downtown,” transit-oriented development and more.")
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

County Officials Fight To Keep Transit Funds Loophole
Ventura County Star

Do You Drive The 405 In Westwood? New Website Shows How Rampture Impacts Your Commute
StreetsBlog LA
Rampture Calculator

Drivers On The 10 Get Ready To Pay For Carpool Lane (Includes map and infographic)
Pasadena Star-News

Editorial: Can L.A. Afford An Indefinite Tax For Transit? ("Extending Measure R's sales tax increase to speed up planned public transit projects could create financial problems down the road.")
Los Angeles Times

Global Visions Of Bullet Trains ("In the international race to build bullet trains, California is not only getting crushed by the likes of France and Japan, but also Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan.")
Silicon Valley Mercury News

Jerry Brown Suggests High-Speed Rail CEQA Proposal Only Delayed
Sacramento Bee

L.A. Expo Line Opens Two More Rail Stations; Ridership Still Very Low

L.A. River Excursion: Bicycle Journey To Long Beach

MTA To Vote On Putting Indefinite Extension Of Measure R Tax Measure On Ballot
Daily Breeze

New Federal Office Building Planned At Civic Center Site ("General Services Administration plans to exchange Old Courthouse for Construction of new building.")
Los Angeles Downtown News

Orange Line Could Boost Valley Business ("Proprietors of stores, restaurants and other establishments along the extension are already taking steps to turn passengers into customers.")
Los Angeles Daily News

Proposed Streetcar Would Connect Santa Ana, Anaheim, Garden Grove ("Imagine a streetcar that would allow you to get off a Metrolink train in Santa Ana, maybe take care of some business in the Civic Center, and then head to the Anaheim Resort for the evening. Or, would take you from your home in Garden Grove to your job at Disneyland or west Santa Ana. Three cities -- Santa Ana, Garden Grove and Anaheim -- are moving ahead with plans to develop a fixed guideway to connect people, jobs and entertainment destinations.")
Orange County Register

"Ramp Jam" Is LA's Latest Freeway Fright Fest
Associated Press

Reading The TEA (LU) Leaves: This Week Determines An Extension Or New Bill
Transportation Issues Daily

Review Of The 21st Century Truck Partnership, 2nd Report (191p. PDF)
Transportation Research Board

Santa Monica Pedestrian Action Plan To Make Sidewalks More Friendly
Santa Monica Mirror

Santa Monica Traffic: Is It Really So Bad? (Part 1)
StreetsBlog LA

Signalized Crosswalk Coming For Sunset And Vista ("Small victories such as this one will be common place as the advocacy network of people concerned with safe streets continues to grow.")
StreetsBlog LA

Streetcar Tax Study Begins: Vote On Tax To Pay For Project Could Come By End Of Year
Los Angeles Downtown News

Top 10 Reasons Sen. Boxer Must Keep Her Word On Bike/Ped Programs
StreetsBlog DC

Traffic Troubles Near Wilshire Boulevard And 405 Freeway Ramps May Be Biblical
Los Angeles Daily News

Transit Guide To L.A.
Caltech Bike Lab

"Transformative" Bike Projects Win Big In Fourth Round Of TIGER Grants
StreetsBlog DC

What You Need To Know About The Ongoing 405 Freeway Wilshire Ramp Closures
Santa Monica Mirror

Who Needs Parking? Who Wants Parking? A Debate About AB 904 (June 26 : "Are you join us in a lively roundtable discussion about AB 904 and parking policy reform? We'd love to hear your perspective!")
AIA Los Angeles / The Planning Report

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