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Gold Line, Figueroa Street, Bullet Train, Bikes, 710 BRT, Transit Savings & More

June 18: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History (L.A. takes a major step forward in planning a comprehensive freeway and parkway system)
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Apple Maps vs. Google Maps
Human Transit

Blast From The Transit Solution Past: New York's Moving Sidewalks
The Atlantic: Cities 

Boyle Heights Community Crafts Living Streets Plan For Neglected Roads
StreetsBlog LA

Cities Bet They Can Curb Traffic With Games Of Chance
National Geographic

Cleantech Corridor And Fig Complete Street Live Another Day
Curbed LA

Commuters Frustrated Over South LA-West LA Metro Bus Route 305 Elimination
KPCC Southern California Public Radio

Cyclists To Test Ride South LA Bike Map
USC News

Editorial: Environmentalists Also Bullet-Train Foes
Orange County Register

Failing U.S. Transportation Infrastructure (Infographic)

Highway Spending Bill Running Out Of Gas, As House, Senate Negotiations Stall
The Hill

It's Official! 405 Is Nation's Worst: Route Into Valley Is Most Congested In The U.S.
Los Angeles Daily News

Keep The L.A. Metro Rail Open After-Hours ("This page is an attempt to encourage MTA officials to keep parts or ALL of the MTA Metro Rail open to a reasonable late night hour (3:00am), which will allow potential riders to make the most of the services and use as an alternative to driving.")
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L.A. River Excursion: Sixth Street Bridge

[D.C.] Metro Launches Rush Plus, New Rush Hour Rail Schedule

New Logo Revealed For SF Transportation Agency (San Francisco crowdsources the new design through a public contest)
San Francisco Chronicle

Potential Rapid Bus Line Could Run From Downtown L.A. To Altadena Border ("One alternative to the 710 tunnel project listed in Metro's list of other options is a rapid bus line between downtown L.A. and JPL, which would run along Woodbury Road.")
Altadena Patch

Separated Bike Lanes On South Fig? LADOT Presentation Hints At Future Project
StreetsBlog LA

South Pasadena Council Approves Additional Gold Line Spending
Pasadena Star-News

Streamlining Is Major Sticking Point
National Journal Transportation Experts Blog

Transit Savings Report ("The top 20 cities with the highest transit ridership are ranked in order of their transit savings based on the purchase of a monthly public transit pass and factoring in local gas prices for June 11, 2012 and the local monthly unreserved parking rate.")
Public Transportation Takes Us There

Vacuum Trains: A High-Speed Pipe Dream? ("These futuristic transporters, designed to hurtle through tunnels that have had all of the air sucked out of them, could theoretically hit speeds of up to 4,000 km/h (2,500 mph), cutting the commute from Europe to North America to just one hour. In this high-speed future, passengers would arrive a full four hours before they set off.")

What's Your "Mobility Biography?" ("Nobody gets up in the morning and thoroughly considers every available transportation option before deciding how to travel that day. Yet, too often, that's how transportation researchers assume people operate: with an impossible degree of objectivity, rationality, and behavioral isolation. In reality, how we move in and around the city is influenced less by short-term choices and more by long-term events like getting a job, starting a family, or moving homes.")
The Atlantic: Cities

Zipcar Adds Car Sharing Service To Downtown LA
Brigham Yen

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