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House Transportation Bill, CAHSR's New Chairman, Culver City TOD, Move LA, Metro Jobs, School Buses & More

February 3: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History (Park and ride comes to Pasadena)
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

23,400 Good Construction Jobs Coming To Los Angeles Metro
Huffington Post

Amendment To Restore Bike/Ped Programs In House Transpo Bill Fails
StreetsBlog DC

Bike Corral Pilot Expansion
LADOT Bike Blog

California High Speed Rail Authority Elects Chairman: Dan Richard Takes Helm Of CHSRA Board
California High Speed Rail Authority Press Release

California Lawmakers Keep School Buses Rolling
("The California Legislature restores $248 million for home-to-school transportation. Gov. Jerry Brown had eliminated school busing money after state revenues fell short of projections.")
Los Angeles Times

Commentary: Assemblyman Mike Feuer Responds To BHUSD
("The school district plans to oppose a bill Feuer authored that seeks to streamline the approval process of new public rail transit projects.")
Beverly Hills Patch

Commercial Truck And Bus Safety Synthesis Program: A Status Report
(5p. PDF)
Commercial Truck And Bus Safety Synthesis Program

Congress Struggles For Solution To Crumbling Roads, Bridges, Transit Systems Hindering Growth ("The federal Highway Trust Fund, which pays for highway and transit programs, is going broke. A new Congressional Budget Office forecast estimates the government will have to delay payments to states beginning sometime in the 2013 federal budget year, which could force some projects to shut down.")
Washington Post

Culver City Council Acts Fast On Transit-Oriented Development Site
Los Angeles Wave

Declaring War On Public Transportation
Natural Resources Defense Council Switchboard Blog

Editorial: In The House, A Transportation Train Wreck
("House Republicans are playing games again by introducing a thoroughly partisan transportation bill.")
Los Angeles Times

Firms On Short List To Build Part Of Rail System Revealed
Bakersfield Californian

Five Transportation Fights To Watch In Congress
Washington Post

GOP Highway Spending Bill "The Worst," Ray LaHood Says

Here Are The Designs For LA's Proposed New Convention Center
Curbed LA
Councilman Ed Reyes Criticizes Convention Center Plan
Los Angeles Times

House Blocks Highway Bill From Going To High-Speed Rail ("The committee voted as Thursday evening turned to Friday morning to approve an amendment from Rep. Jeff Denham (R-Calif.) to bar the proposed California railway, which has become a lightning rod for conservatives, from receiving any of the new transportation money.")
The Hill

House GOP Moves To Decimate Dedicated Transit Funding
StreetsBlog DC

House Ways And Means Proposal To End Guaranteed Funding For Public Transportation Undoes Bipartisan Agreement Since Reagan
Transportation For America

How Will A.G.'s Legal Stand Against SANDAG Impact Local Planning
StreetsBlog LA

Infrastructure Financier Tapped To Run California High Speed Rail Authority
Transportation Nation

Infrastructure Problems In U.S. Go Far Beyond Dollars
Huffington Post

LA On The Verge Of A Transit Breakthrough: Move LA's 4th Annual Transportation Conversation (February 24 : "Join Move LA, legislators and major stakeholders for a conversation on accelerating Measure R-funded transit expansion and community building around transit stops.")
Move LA

LAT To GOP: Stop Playing Games With Transportation Funds
StreetsBlog LA

Los Angeles Is The Smelliest City In America, Says GQ ("Maybe if Burr had traveled more on public transportation, for example, he would've knocked L.A. down a few slots.")
The Atlantic: Cities

The Los Angeles River Is For Sale...But At What Cost?

Main St. (Downtown) Bike Lanes And Spring St. Material Testing
LADOT Bike Blog

Mass-Transit Tax Switch To Roads Affirmed By U.S. House Panel
Business Week

Massive Coalition Opposes House GOP Attempt To Eviscerate Transit
StreetsBlog DC

Metro Orange Line Extension Bus Tour, Jan. 31, 2012 (video : "Metro CEO, Art Leahy, LA City Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, and Metro construction officials took a bus tour of the Metro Orange Line Extension construction on January 31, 2012. The Metro Orange Line Extension is the first Measure R funded project to open this summer.")
Metro via YouTube

Metro Simulates Fire In Expo Train Car
Santa Monica Patch

Optimal Transport Policy For An Uncertain Future

Pico Rivera Could Qualify For New Underpass At Deadly Intersection
Whittier Daily News

Pomona Hosts A Great CicLAvia Meeting

Reid Tees Up Big Transpo Week In Senate
Transportation Nation

Removing Roadblocks To Improved Transportation Productivity ("At the forefront of this debate is finding a workable solution to the nation’s surface transportation infrastructure needs, and how that solution can bring productivity gains to all sectors of transportation to the benefit of every business and consumer. ")
The Hill

SCAG Moves Forward With Sustainable Transit Plan
Santa Monica Lookout

Senate Transit Bill Clears Committee With Unanimous Bipartisan Support
StreetsBlog DC

Spanish Coins From 1800s Found In Dig Near San Gabriel Mission ("According to the Alameda Corridor-East Construction Authority, they found coins depicting King Ferdinand VII of Spain as well as pieces of antique pottery, glass beads and a medallion.")
Los Angeles Times

State DOTs "Strongly Oppose" House GOP Changes To Transit Programs
Transportation Issues Daily

Supe Asks NBCU To Drop Housing at Universal City Development
Curbed LA

T&I Markup Lasts Nearly 18 Hours

Top 25 Transportation Sources To Follow On Twitter ("Recently, Urban Land magazine compiled a list of the most influential transportation infrastructure people on Twitter. This ranking includes the person’s name and Twitter handle alongside his or her rankings in reach, engagement, and influence.")
Urban Land Institute

What Taxis Add To Public Transit
The Atlantic: Cities

You Already Own The Next Most Important Transportation Planning Tool ("From inside your pocket or your purse, your mobile is in constant communication with GPS satellites, cell phone towers and all of the apps that automatically update your gmail inbox and your Twitter feed. Your phone was never particularly designed for this purpose, but as it travels along with you, it has the potential to feed aggregated data about traffic congestion, commuting patterns and even mass travel behavior during a hurricane.")
The Atlantic: Cities

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