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45 Years Ago: Subway Tunnel Given To City
Blog Downtown

After 55 Years, Where Are We On Highways? ("How far have we come since this first highway bill? Is the highway system now true to Eisenhower's vision of a workable, free, transcontinental roadway? Are there new technological or demographic changes since 1955 that should be incorporated into the surface-transportation goals? If Eisenhower was alive now, what would you tell him about his proudest domestic accomplishment?")
National Journal Transportation Blog

Burbank: JetBlue Passengers Ride Free On Metrolink To And From Bob Hope Airport
Los Angeles Times

California Allocates $825 Million To Create Jobs And Improve Transportation
Construction Pros

Caltrans Breaks Ground On I-5 Improvements

Can LA Afford To Neglect Its Bike And Pedestrian Infrastructure?
Natural Resources Defense Council Switchboard Blog

Carmageddon: Coming To A Theater Near You

Cars Are Not Welcome Here (Colleges and universities around the U.S. are using both carrots and sticks to entice students, faculty and staff to leave the car at home, freeing up funds locked into large parking budgets)
Inside Higher Ed
Colleges Should Focus On Teaching Students, Not Giving Them Subsidized Parking Spaces
Think Progress

Esplanade Design Contract Up For Approval ("Years of planning and process may result in action Tuesday if the City Council approves a $2.2 million contract to design the Colorado Esplanade, a promenade and plaza that will usher users of the new Expo Light Rail line into Santa Monica proper.")
Santa Monica Daily Press

Federal Player Of The Week: Guiding New Transportation Policies ("Klein’s job is to make sure that ongoing agency-funded research meshes with federal transportation policy, and can overcome technical and bureaucratic bottlenecks.")
Washington Post

Funding Delay Puts Big Rail Project At Risk ("Construction of a railroad overpass in Colton is fast approaching a federal funding deadline and the state's murky financial picture is complicating matters.")
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Highway Research Moves Toward Livable Transportation Solutions
Project For Public Spaces

IRS Bumps Up Mileage Deductions
Washington Post

Is High-Speed Rail A Culture War?
California High Speed Rail Blog

L.A. Begins Parking Crackdown In UCLA, Westwood Village Area
Los Angeles Times

LA Metro Bus Passengers Get Thrown For A Loop With Route Changes
Southern California Public Radio

Metrolink Fares To Remain The Same For 2011-12 ("The new customer service inititive, called C.O.A.T., or the customer onboard assistance team, adds onboard personnel who can provide service and information to customers during their commute.")
Moorpark Patch

Preservation Approaches For High-Traffic-Volume Roadways (4p. PDF)
U.S. Transportation Research Board

Public Transportation Systems As The Foundation For Economic Growth (20p. PDF)
U.S. Transit Cooperative Research Program

Some State DOTs Promote Tolls On Interstate Highways
Lane Line

Three Southern California Airports Yearn To Leave LAX's Nest
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Transportation Experts Call For More Investment
San Francisco Chronicle

US DOT Announces $1.6 Billion For Transit Projects
Transportation Nation

Villaraigosa To Sign Port Labor Agreement
Los Angeles Wave

Your Carbon Footprint Isn't Small Just Because You Take The Subway
Implications Of Urban Structure On Carbon Consumption In Metropolitan Areas
Environmental Research Letters

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