Gold Line Foothill TOD, Downtown Streetcar Ridership, MAP-21, LA Port Draft EIR, Prop. 22 Fight, Diverging Diamonds & More

America Will Build High Speed Rail And Create Jobs, Not Despite Challenges, But Because Of Them
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

California Budget Fight Goes To State Supreme Court ("At issue is Proposition 22, which passed in 2010 and prohibits the state from borrowing or taking funds used for transportation, redevelopment, or local government projects and services.")
Wall Street Journal

Changing Vehicle Travel Price Sensitivites: The Rebounding Rebound Effect (29p. PDF)
Victoria Transport Policy Institute

The "Diverging Diamond" Interchange Is An Abomination
The Atlantic: Cities

Downtown Development Will It Be: A Boon Or A Bane
Long Beach Press-Telegram

Draft EIR: Southern California International Gateway (SCIG) Project (includes links to full-text documents)
The Port Of Los Angeles

The Dynamic Of "Technical" Advocates Opposing Rail
California High Speed Rail Blog

Editorial: Here's Why High-Speed Rail Is A Good Idea
Sacramento Business Journal

Election Results For Nine Transportation Measures
Transportation Issues Daily

Evaluating Public Transit As An Energy Conservative And Emission Reduction Strategy (21p. PDF)
Victoria Transport Policy Institute

Federal Dollars May Help California's High-Speed Rail Stay On Track
USC Annenberg Neon Tommy

How Do You Count Riders For A Future Streetcar?
Blog Downtown

LA/2B: The Road Ahead
(The City of Los Angeles has launched a "MindMixer" website to crowdsource community input that captures "practical, creative and insightful ideas that will keep Los Angeles moving in the 21st century.")
City Of Los Angeles via MindMixer

L.A. County Backs Federal Restriction Of Low-Flying Helicopters
Los Angeles Times

MAP-21: Forward Progress From Senators Boxer And Inhofe
Natural Resources Defense Council Staff Blog

Maybe There Is Something Democrats And Republicans Can Agree On: Overhauling Highway Programs
Washington Post

Mayor Backs Tax Cut To Lure Car Dealers ("Since July 2010 the city has spent $60 million on its vehicle fleet...and not one of those purchases was in the city of L.A. because of the business tax they had to add to the cost of each car.")
Los Angeles Daily News

Metro Expands Night Service On Trains To Hollywood: Starting Sunday, Popular Train Lines To Step Up Runs In An Effort To Increase Ridership To Entertainment Hubs
Hollywood Patch

Mica Drops Amtrak Privatization Plan In Call For Northeast Corridor HSR
StreetsBlog DC

Neighborhood Entitlement And Transit Projects
Wilshire/Vermont Blog

New Parking Restrictions Around Hollywood's Runyon Canyon Approved

Opinion: High-Speed Rail Backers Pulling A Fast One ("In 2008, voters narrowly approved a $10 billion down payment on the construction of a high-speed rail network between the Bay Area and Los Angeles that promoters said would cost a total of $33.6 billion. A year later, the High Speed Rail Authority, overseeing the project, said the train would actually cost $42.6 billion. No problem — hey, what's another $9 billion between friends? Now, they're reporting it will cost $98.5 billion, three times the original estimate. What's worse is they're saying, because we agreed to buy the train at $33.6 billion, we're obligated to pay the entire $98.5 billion. To put this in perspective, California's entire 2010-2011 General Fund budget was about $91.5 billion or $7 billion cheaper than the train.")
Santa Monica Daily Press

Opinion: The Dark Side Of The Green City
(Sustainability and affordability don't always go hand-in-hand)
New York Times

Policy Shift Towards Walkable Communities Anathema To "Buy Here Pay Here"
StreetsBlog LA

Ports Of L.A., Long Beach To Ban Truck Engines 2006 And Older In 2012
The Trucker

Romney Vows In Iowa To Cut Amtrak Funding As President
The Hill

Rush-Hour Read: The Link Between Traffic Congestion And Health

State Transportation Statistics 2010 (139p. PDF)
U.S. Bureau Of Transportation Statistics

Summary Of The Senate MAP-21 Transportation Bill Proposal ("One of the most visible changes MAP-21 makes is to restructure seven core highway programs and 13+ formula programs into just five core highway programs.")
Transportation For America

Transit-Oriented Development Along The Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension
(video : outlines various proposed TOD projects and interviews with elected officials from cities along the proposed route)
Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority via YouTube

Why $1 Billion Doesn't Buy Much Transit Infrastructure Anymore
The Atlantic: Cities

Will 8,400 People Per Day Ride The Downtown Streetcar?

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