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$9 billion is looking for a job - There's plenty of work to do in California, and infrastructure bonds have been sold to cover it. But the money just sits there
Los Angeles Times

AB 1298 Signed Into Law (mobile billboards)
Canyon News

Drivers steer clear of HOT lanes over cost- State tinkers with price formula to increase usage, ease congestion
Atlanta Journal Constitution

Experts: U.S. must spend on infrastructure

Federal funding is needed for vital I-15/I-215 freeway interchange project
Fontana Herald News

‘Gargantuan large’ investment in infrastructure needed, experts say
Washington Post

GM's Super-Smart Pod Vehicle Looks at Future Transportation

Gov't cameras in your car? E-toll patent hints at Big Brotherish future

High Speed Rail Between Las Vegas, Southern California On Track For 2012
Las Vegas Tribune

L.A. Is America's Most Stressful City, Says Forbes

Montebello Bus Lines Celebrates 80 Years With Video Contest
Eastside Sun

Parking Disrupted as Metrolink Goes Green - The parking lot in the City of Industry will undergo construction for the next eight months as Metrolink builds solar-paneled carports to improve energy consumption. Parking will no longer be free at the station
Walnut Patch

Pasadena TOD Projects Set the Stage for Denser, More Walkable Development

Plan for High Speed Rail Just Inching Along
Wall Street Journal

Push to Return Transit Manufacturing to NYC
New York Times

Spot-Checking at Locked Metro TAP Turnstiles Yields 53 Citations & 5 Arrests

Traffic Is Going to Suck Even More When the Economy Finally Improves

Urban Bikeway Design Guide for U.S. Cities
The City Fix

Visa to Improve Payment Experience for Commuters in Los Angeles and Paris
TransNational News