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American Transportation, Built By American Workers; Let's Pass This Bill
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

Bad Lawsuits Against Public Transit
Huffington Post

BART Police To Wear Cameras
Contra Costa Times

Bike-Friendly Events Like L.A.'s CicLAvia Promote Fun Fitness
Los Angeles Times

Car-Sharing For Less ("More cities are testing corollary nonprofit models that could make car-sharing even more accessible, both to a broader demographic and to a geographic footprint outside Zipcar’s big cities and college campuses.")
The Atlantic Cities

CBC Refutes CHP Speculation That SB 910 Will Cause Collisions
California Bicycle Coalition

Code Green: Are Sustainable Buildings Sustainable?

Communication With Vulnerable Populations: A Transportation And Emergency Management Toolkit (177p. PDF)
Transit Cooperative Research Program

Decoding Secrets In San Diego's Transportation Future
Voice Of San Diego

Editorial: A Victory For Clean Air ("Both sides in a three-year court fight between the American Trucking Associations and the Port of Los Angeles are claiming victory. Actually, both sides lost something in the resolution of the case last week. The real winners are people who want to breathe clean air.")
Los Angeles Daily News

Feds Give Gold Line $6M Grant: The Grant From The Federal Transit Administration Will Allow For Better Bus And Pedestrian Interfaces Along The Gold Line Foothill Extension
Monrovia Patch

Gas Station Demolition First Step In Railroad, Street Widening Project (Alameda Corridor-East Construction Authority)
Walnut Patch

Get On The Bus (With Everyone Else)
StreetsBlog DC
APTA Transit Ridership Report (32p. PDF for Q2 2011)

Giant Chess And Velcro People: First Look At All The Stuff Going On Along Sunday's 10-Mile-Long CicLAvia
Curbed LA

High-Speed Rail Authority Delays Release Of Business Plan: It Was Due Oct. 14, But Two Recent Delays Want The Delay And Are Doing A Comprehensive Review Of The Project. Completion Of The Business Is Necessary To Begin Construction In 2012
Los Angeles Times

High-Speed Rail Route To Be Revised: Officials Will Issue A New Design Next Spring For The 114-Mile Segment From Fresno To Bakersfield, Which Encountered Strong Criticism
Los Angeles Times

The History Page: Road Scholar -- The Definitive Thomas Guide, In Every SoCal Driver's Glove Compartment
The Daily

How The Westside Subway Led To The Possible Oscarification Of The May Company Building's Gold Tube
Curbed LA
New Academy Museum Could Feature Oscar On Its Historic Facade ("Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s plan to build the Westside Subway Extension, which would include a stop at the corner of Wilshire and Fairfax, caused LACMA to rethink its plan.")
Hollywood Reporter

La Plaza Is An Open And Empty Space Downtown: The Mexican American Cultural Center Lacks Paying Visitors And Is In Financial Trouble ("La Plaza's construction also involved more than $3 million in state and Metropolitan Transportation Authority bond revenues.")
Los Angeles Times

Lamentation: Bicycles vs. Transit?
Human Transit

Metro Planner Says Regional Connector Budget Has "Little Margin," Defends Scaled-Back Designs
Blog Downtown

More Rail Service Could Spring From New Agency
San Diego Union-Tribune

Moving Toward Sustainability: 2011 Metro Sustainability Report
(70p. PDF : "Sustainability has long been a key component of Metro’s mission to be “responsible for the continuous improvement of an efficient and effective transportation system for Los Angeles County.” As an organization, we are committed to reducing the impacts of climate change in all of our planning, construction, operations, and procurement activities, while simultaneously increasing our ability to control costs, expanding our system, and efficiently managing resources.")

Opinion: Handle CEQA With Care; It Safeguards State Environment
Sacramento Bee

Out The Window Is Back On The Bus With New Films For The Fall
StreetsBlog LA

Parking Reform Measure Strains Relationship Between Infill Developers, Housing Advocates
California Planning & Development Report

Popular AASHTO App Now Available On Android OS Devices: App Brings Real-Time Traffic Conditions, National Transportation News And Videos
AASHTO Press Release

Procedures For Verification And Validation Of Computer Simulations Used For Roadside Safety Applications (570p. PDF : web-only document)
National Cooperative Highway Research Program

Shovel-Ready Series: How Much For Roads vs. How Much For Transit?

South Pas Regains Authority On Surface 710 Fwy. Extension
Burbank Leader

South Pasadena Mayor Urges NELA To Oppose 710 Extension
Highland Park-Mount Washington Patch

State DOT Public Transportation Performance Measures: State Of The Practice And Future Needs (44p. PDF)
National Cooperative Highway Research Program

Submit Your Broken Sidewalk Photos!

Transit Meetings Sparsely Attended: Beach Cities Transit Proposes Changing Schedules And Eliminating Line 104 To Streamline Operations
Hermosa Beach Patch

Transportation Equity Network Highlights Need To Improve Job Opportunities For Women And Minorities
Transportation For America

Urban Analysis: Researchers Look To New Data, Tools To Better Plan Successful Cities ("Software analyzes attributes of various locations to measure their "reach," how many jobs, or residences are accessible when traveling by the street network; or "betweeness," a measure that can estimate the volume of foot traffic an area receives.")
Boston Globe

The World's Best Subway Maps
The Atlantic Cities

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