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Are We Reaching "Peak Car?" ("The most detailed picture of the trend comes from the United States, where the distance driven by Americans per capita each year flatlined at the turn of the century and has been dropping for six years. By last spring, Americans were driving the same distance as they had in 1998.")
Globe And Mail (Canada)

Events Across The Country Last Week Bring A Sense Of Urgency To Bridge Repair
Transportation For America

The Federal Government's Smart Growth-Inspired Landlord ("Under Robert Peck, the General Services Administration is emphasizing the location of federal offices near transit.")
StreetsBlog DC

For Subway Riders, Everything Is Better With Countdown Clocks
Wall Street Journal

Geithner Pushes Congress To Act On Infrastructure Legislation
Business Week

Geography Of Housing Recovery Favors Cities And Walkable Neighborhoods
Natural Resources Defense Council Switchboard Blog

Hertz First Car-Rental Company To Deploy A Zero-Emissions All-Electric Bus
Airport Business

How Our Permit Process Is Costing Us Jobs

Ideas For Los Angeles: Update Metro With Cleaner Plastic Seats And Easier-To-Read Countdown Timers (A very close-up view of the rider experience on Metro subways, along with first-hand account of a first-time out-of-town user)
Brigham Yen

Inside Archtober "Building" Of The Day #24: Subway Vent Benches
Architect's Newspaper

L.A. County OKs Newhall Ranch Development's Second Phase: The Board Of Supervisors Approves The Mission Village Segment, Which Will Have 4,000 Housing Units, 580 Acres Of Open Space And Three Preserves. Environmentalists Say The Santa Clarita Valley Project Will Worsen Traffic And Pollution
Los Angeles Times

L.A. Paratransit Provider Reduces Claims By 50.2 Percent
Metro Magazine

Mica Backs Highway Bill As Jobs Measure
Journal Of Commerce

Ontario Traffic Dropped 5%, LAX Up 6%
Riverside Press-Enterprise

The Price-Induced Energy Trap: Exploring The Impacts Of Transportation Expenditures On The American Economy ("Despite an anticipated 1.8 percent decline this year in gasoline consumption, for example, the overall expenditures for gasoline will increase 25 percent, rising from $391 billion dollars in 2010 to $489 billion dollars in 2011. Both the size of the U.S. gasoline bill, and its dependence on global events, impact the lives and well-being of individuals, families, and households – especially those from the middle and lower income levels.")
New America Foundation
Full-Text Report (21p. PDF)

Railroads Aim To Replace Or Revamp Aging Bridges
Progressive Railroading

Researching L.A. 101: Step-By-Step Instructions For Finding Historical Information About The Los Angeles Area
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Streetcar Project Refining Routes, Hoping For $37.5 Million In Federal Funds ("As the effort to bring a streetcar back to Downtown Los Angeles gets closer to finalizing plans for its first alignment, backers are once again hoping to get the federal government to commit to pay a major chunk of the roughly $125 million price tag.")
Blog Downtown

The Surprising Psychology Of Driver Interaction With Cyclists
StreetsBlog Network

Temple City To Conduct Downtown Parking, Traffic-Calming Studies
Pasadena Star-News

Tony Curtis Has Left The 101 Freeway
Curbed LA

The Urban Land Institute Announces Urban Innovation Fund Grant Recipients In Recognition Of Seventy-Five Years Of Land Use Leadership
Urban Land Institute

U.S. Road Travel Falls To Lowest Levels Since 2003
USA Today

Value Capture And Transit (video : 90-minute video from this week's webinar. "A multitude of studies show that transit generates a host of economic benefits, including higher property values and enhanced development opportunities. Public sector “value capture” strategies attempt to harness all or part of this value to help pay for transit or other needed community investments. This webinar introduces participants to the range of value capture strategies that can be employed near transit, and provides real-world examples of innovative value capture strategies currently underway in the US.")
Center For Transit-Oriented Development / Federal Transit Administration
Accompanying Online Slideshow Presentation (99p. PDF)

Vandalism Investigators Assigned To Transit Bureau Honored By National Chiefs Group

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