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Arceo Walk, Small Investment, Big Changes In El Monte
StreetsBlog LA

Can Smart Transportation Apps Curb Greenhouse Gases?
Government Technology
Wireless And The Environment: A Review Of Opportunities And Challenges (71p. PDF)

DOT And The States: Knee-Deep In The Business Of American High-Speed Rail
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

Federal Transportation Funding And Policy Update
Transportation Issues Daily

Flooded Bus Barns And Buckled Rails: Public Transportation And Climate Change Adaptation (128p. PDF)
U.S. Federal Transit Administration

FTA Chooses Crenshaw Line For Federal Fast Track, Will It Lead To Faster Start Date?
StreetsBlog LA

Highway Trust Fund Opposition Loses Talking Point

House Leader Says Obama Infrastructure Bank Proposal Is "Dead On Arrival"
Washington Post

Jobs Council Pushes I-Bank, Transport Spending
Journal Of Commerce

LaHood: Rail-Trails Are The Best Health Care Program
StreetsBlog DC

La Verne And Industry Swap Transportation Funds For Solar Carport Project
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Las Vegas RTC Launches Tourist-Friendly Website

Los Angeles Daily News

Virgil Village Set To Get A Little Friendlier Toward Non-Drivers
Curbed LA

Will New Infrastructure Funding Survive The Demise Of Obama's Jobs Bill?
StreetsBlog DC

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