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Metro Board Preview, Bus Cut Protests, Hydraulic Buses, Rodeo Drive Subway, Federal Transpo Cuts & More

Automated License Plate Readers At Metro Stations?
Plus Metro

BRU, T4A, Transit Riders Rally To Stop Bus Cuts: "The Buses Are Our Legs!"
StreetsBlog LA

Building A Better Bus ("Modified diesel engine...runs a hydraulic motor linked to the wheel shaft. The pumps can capture and reuse about 70 percent of the energy used for breaking.")
The Atlantic Cities

Central Subway Once-In-A-Generation Chance, Backers Say
San Francisco Chronicle

Cities Now Compete On How Well They Plan For Biking-Walking-Transit

Cutting Federal Public Transportation Funding Will Result In Significant Job Losses And Service Cuts ("Today marks a national day of action, "Don't X Out Public Transit," as public transit riders and advocates from across the country join together to highlight the severe effects a drastic cut to federal transit funding would have on public transit riders, their communities and jobs. An estimated 620,000 jobs will be lost if the proposed federal funding cuts becomes law.")
PR Newswire

Defining The Transportation Debate ("Here are five issues that will shape the next transit debates, as Congress tackles longer reauthorizations – or another Band-Aid fix.")

Eco-Libertarian Alliance Pushes Replacement Of Rural Air Service With Buses
StreetsBlog DC

L.A. Bus Riders Protest Proposed Federal Transportation Cuts
Los Angeles Times

LA Transit Advocates Say Federal Transportation Bill Would Cut Too Much
Southern California Public Radio

Late Opposition To Downtown Subway Details; Proposed Changes Would Require Redesign Of Little Tokyo Station
Rafu Shimpo

Mayors Meet With Lawmakers About Transportation Funding
The Hill

Metro Board Preview: Saved Bus Cuts, East Line Extension Safety, The 710 EIR And More...
StreetsBlog LA

Old Parking Meters To Become Bicycle Racks In New York
The City Fix

Passenger-Miles Are Overrated
Pedestrian Observations

Redeeming Los Angeles' Urban Form

Rodeo Drive Committee Supports Wilshire/Rodeo Subway Stop: A Subway Station Near The Golden Triangle Shopping District Will Help Bring Tourists And Their Business To Town, Group Members Say
Beverly Hills Patch

Senate Strips High-Speed Rail Funding
StreetsBlog DC

Shhhhh! Metrolink Will Offer Weekday "Quiet Cars" Starting Next Month

The Shovel-Ready Series: What Is "Shovel-Ready" And Why Does It Matter?

Tolls: Coming To A Road Near You
Natural Resources Defense Council Switchboard Blog

Westside Subway Lawsuits: Metro, 1, Beverly Hills School District, 0
Curbed LA

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