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10 Ways Colleges Can Encourage Students To Curb Cars
Metro Magazine

50 Years Ago Today: Passenger Projections & Financial Feasibility Report For An LAX Monorail Project
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

AEG Unveils Stadium Traffic Impact
Daily Breeze

California May Use Rumble Of Traffic To Generate Energy
Los Angeles Times

Carpooling: What The Census Doesn't Know
("Further study of carpooling's history, as well as social, demographic and economic trends, shows that there is more to carpooling numbers than a downward slope.")

Downtown L.A. Stadium Developer Lays Out Parking, Transit Plans ("As a part of the bill, which limits the time line for legal challenges to the project, AEG must build a carbon-neutral stadium with more public transit users than any other stadium in the country.")
Los Angeles Times

First-Of-Its-Kind Cyclist Anti-Harassment Becomes Law In Los Angeles
StreetsBlog LA

Has The Big Blue Bus Local #7 Been Thrown "Under The Bus"? ("Has anyone else noticed a sharp decline in the Local 7 service on the Big Blue Bus since the extended and increased Rapid 7 service to the Wilshire/Western Purple Line station was instituted?")
Ride The Pink Line

How To Keep High-Speed Rail Alive
The Atlantic Cities
High-Speed Rail: International Lessons For U.S. Policy Makers (64p. PDF)
Lincoln Institute Of Land Policy

Metro To Test Locking Turnstiles At Rail Stations

Metro's 30/10 Initiative Aims To Improve City By Building 12 New Mass Transit Systems Over 10 Years
California State University, Northridge Daily Sundial

New Los Angeles Hub Will Be Greenest In The US

New Survey Numbers Show Surprising, But Slight, Dip In Bike Commuting
StreetsBlog DC

Obama Administration Officials Continue To Stump For Transportation Spending, Despite Balky Congress
Transportation Nation

On The Waterfront: Shippers And Labor Rally For BNSF Plan
Long Beach Press-Telegram

Panel Throws Out Part Of Port Of L.A.'s Clean Truck Program
Los Angeles Times

Railyard On Track For Service To Port Of LA
Southern California Public Radio

Reinvigorating Transportation In The Third Industrial Revolution
Huffington Post

Siemens Developing Intelligent Transportation Technology Using Traffic Light Timing Systems And Mobile Phones
Green Car Congress

Slow Train Coming: After Years Of Planning, Cities Say Orangeline Project Moving Forward ("In 2002, the area’s regional planning agency released a futuristic plan for an elevated, 120 mph magnetic levitation train between Los Angeles and Orange counties.")
Downey Beat

Traffic, Anger, And Political Action ("Is it risky for politicians to promise that a highway bill or an appropriations increase will ease traffic? Is traffic considered a local issue rather than a national one? Should traffic jams play a role in advocacy campaigns for infrastructure investment? If all lawmakers had to drive themselves to work, would that make a difference in how they view transportation policy?")
National Journal Transportation Experts Blog

Transit Is In Stadium Game Plan
Los Angeles Daily News

Trouble On Broadway ("The dismissal of the chief executive of the Historic Downtown Los Angeles Business Improvement District (the BID) mixes up the politics of the city council with the politics of one of the myriad of special districts that work largely unseen in this city.")

Westchester Metro Station Taken Away From Under Neighborhood's Nose
LA Weekly

The World's 12 Most Beautiful Train Rides

Would President Romney Build Roads Or Rail? ("Romney emerges as the more inspired candidate when it comes to smart growth.")
StreetsBlog DC

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