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Monrovia Gold Line, 21st Century LA, Bipartisan Transpo Bill, Sepulveda Pass History, Carbon Emissions & More

Economics For Equity & Environment

Between The Westside And The Valley: A History Of Bus Service Through The Sepulveda Pass
More Than Red Cars

Antonio Villaraigosa via YouTube

Bakersfield Californian


California High Speed Rail Blog

Arcadia Patch

Orange County Register

How Affordable Is Transportation?: A Context-Sensitive Framework ("In this project, we propose a contextualized transportation affordability analysis framework that differentiates population groups based upon their socio-demographics, the built environment, and the policy environment." : includes link to full-text report)
University Of Minnesota Center For Transportation Studies

Human Transit

Los Angeles Times

LA Weekly

Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

StreetsBlog DC

The Economist

Transportation For America
U.S. Senate Committee On Environment And Public Works

Shifting Gears To Make Beverly Hills More Bike Friendly
Beverly Hills Patch

The State Of Metropolitan America: Suburbs And The 2010 Census ("With aging and lower-income populations come new transportation challenges for suburbs. Unfortunately, suburbs in many metro areas lie well beyond the reach of metropolitan transit systems—sometimes quite intentionally. Our recent research revealed that suburban households that cannot or choose not to own a car face severe constraints on their access to employment.")

Westside Today

Transportation Nation
U.S. Bureau Of Transportation Statistics Special Report

What Happens When You Put A Coffee Table At A Bus Stop? ("Kim placed a coffee table she designed at a bus stop on a busy corner in Koreatown (6th and Vermont, to be exact) and shot video from a far enough distance that people didn't know they were being filmed. The resulting 1.5-minute video is pretty fun to watch.")

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