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500 Rigs Affected As Port Of Long Beach Bans Polluting Trucks
Long Beach Press-Telegram

1984: The Year Of Catastrophic Traffic That Never Was ("The summer Olympics promised L.A. a permanent boost in its global status while incurring no debt, but it also promised the kind of hellish, round-the-clock traffic that would make a typical rush hour look like a walk -- or a drive -- in the park.")

The Bicycle Dividend (The economics and payoff of bike lane construction)
New York Times

California: Ground Zero In The High Speed Rail Wars
StreetsBlog DC

Carmageddon Is Upon Us!

City Officials, Residents Gear Up For "Carmageddon"
Santa Monica Daily Press

City To Get $1.24M For PCH Improvements: The Funding Is Part Of A Five-Year Region-Wide Plan To Improve Roadways In The South Bay
Hermosa Beach Patch

Congress Poised To Take On Transportation Authorization This Month ("House and Senate transportation leaders are close to introducing transportation authorization bills, although they will look very different.")
National League Of Cities

The Dangers Of Touting The Job-Creation Benefits Of Transpo Investment
StreetsBlog DC

Editorial: Bullet Train's End Of The Line ("Bullet trains are exciting, and maybe even worth subsidizing on a manageable scale when well conceived, well planned and well run. This project is none of those things. It presents monumental risks at a time when the state can't even get its budget under control, and a money drain that has gone on long enough.")
Long Beach Press-Telegram

Editorial: More Reasons For Commuters To Ride Metrolink
Ventura County Star

For Washington, A Trek To Daylight ("The Metrorail system in Washington has more escalators than any other transit system in North America, and lately those moving staircases have been having health problems of their own. More than 100 escalators are out on a typical day, repairs are taking longer and rider patience is running out.")
New York Times

Gold Line Bridge Construction Starts Next Week: Expect Some Lanes On The Eastbound 210 Freeway To Be Shut Down On Tuesday And Wednesday Nights
Arcadia Patch

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of Greening Cities (Los Angeles ranks #7 in a survey of 27 North American cities)
The Atlantic

How Fast Is Fast Enough? ("The best way to get high-speed rail to succeed in America is to actually build it somewhere, and then to wait for the other states to say "I want that!" The Obama administration doesn't have to "settle" for incremental improvements.")
The Economist

In China's High-Speed Successes, A Glimpse Of American Difficulties
Transport Politic

In Los Angeles, Cuts Will Make Long Bus Commute Longer ("Though the roads in Los Angeles routinely jam with honking cars in the morning, there is also an almost invisible commuter class — the millions of people, most of them poor, who depend on the sprawling bus system.")
New York Times

Is The British Roundabout Conquering The US?

Los Angeles Bicycling Groups Demand Safer Streets
Culver City Patch

Los Angeles: Deleting Some Lines Can Be Fair
Human Transit

Massive 405 Freeway Project Respects The Boundaries Of A Jewish Tradition: Metro And Caltrans Are Working With Orthodox Jews To Maintain The Thin "Walls" Of A Vast Westside Eruv During Work On The 405 Freeway
Los Angeles Times

Metro Blue Line Is The Route For "Traveling Circus" Plays
Los Angeles Times

Metro Developer Challenge Winners Include Smart Ride
Blog Downtown

Metrolink Proposals Target Pedestrian Safety At Downtown Burbank Station: One Option Is A Pedestrian Underpass, Estimated To Cost $7 Million. Building A Second Elevator Would Cost $3 Million, And Improving The Warning System Would Cost About $4.6 Million
Los Angeles Times

Money-Losing Buses Could Get Ads, Service Cuts
Glendale News-Press

OC's Express Angels' Train Called Largely Unworkable Here
("Angels officials want expanded service to theInland Empire, where 3,650 of the team's 21,500 season-ticket holders live as well as innumerable single-game ticket-buyers. But for financial, logistical and other reasons, don't count on it happening.")
Riverside Press Enterprise

OCTA Rolls Out Pass That Allows Unlimited Bus And Train Rides
San Clemente Times

One Big Idea: An Airline-Style Loyalty Program For Public Transit
The Atlantic

Parking Tech Helping Big Cities Ease Congestion
Government Technology

Plan Your Panic: Maps Of Carmageddon Construction, Detours

P.R. Firm In Charge Of Selling State's $43 Billion High-Speed Rail Project Resigns
San Jose Mercury News

Recession Hits Transit Budgets Despite Rising Need ("The Great Recession and cuts in government subsidies have wreaked havoc on mass transit in America, even as rising gasoline prices have pushed up demand for reliable service. By one survey, more than 80 percent of U.S. transit systems had cut service, raised fares or both since the economic downturn started.")
Associated Press

Riding Your Bike Is Good For The Economy

SGVCOG Apologized, Paid Executive Director $72,000 Settlement After DA's Probe
Whittier Daily News

Urban Renewal Plans In Jeopardy ("Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Wednesday that blows a $1.7 billion hole in cities and counties' redevelopment programs. It eliminates the state's 400 redevelopment agencies, although it creates a mechanism allowing them to survive with less money.Redevelopment agencies are preparing a lawsuit, calling the legislation an unconstitutional cash grab that conflicts directly with a recent state ballot initiative.")
Sacramento Bee

Villaraigosa Orders 1,680 Miles Of Networked Bike Paths, Construction To Increase Fourfold

Why And How To Reduce The Amount Of Land Paved For Roads And Parking Facilities (9p. PDF)
Victoria Transport Policy Institute

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