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Angels Flight Grounded Again For Safety, Fares Could Get Hiked
Curbed LA

Angels Flight, Halted, Awaits New Wheels: Inspectors Shut The Historic Railway On Bunker Hill, Saying The Deteriorated Condition Of Its Cars' Wheels Pose A Safety Hazard. It's The Second Closure Of Angels Flight In A Year
Los Angeles Times

Another Way To Avoid "Carmageddon," Stop Widening Highways
StreetsBlog LA

Bike Advocacy In Three Easy Steps

Carpocalypse: The Weekend The 405 Freeway Will Stand Still: The Closure On July 15-17 Will Give Motorists A Break From The Highway's Notorious Gridlock And Crazy Drivers
Brentwood Patch

Construction On Bridge Creating Tight Bottleneck
Los Angeles Daily News

Crosswalks Are Increasingly Deadly For The Elderly: Traffic Planners Start To Rethink Streets Designed For Fast-Moving Traffic As America Ages And Slower Pedestrians Take More Time To Cross
Los Angeles Times

Debate Continues Over 2008-Approved California High-Speed Rail Project
Southwest Riverside News Network

Dump The Pump Day: Take Transit On June 16
Natural Resources Defense Council Switchboard Blog

Familiar Development-Staller Involved In New Gold Line Hot Mess
Curbed LA

Google Shows That When Transit Agencies Free Their Data, Riders Win
StreetsBlog DC

Has The Time Come For Merit-Based Funding? ("With budgets so tight that governors and mayors must choose between filling potholes and repairing schools, is the country finally ready for a merit-based system of funding transportation? Are there good measurements available to determine which projects offer the best economic return? Can policymakers ask the right questions to ensure that the best projects receive the funding they need? What are the appropriate questions to ask about transportation projects? Are there situations when a cost-benefit analysis doesn't make sense?")
National Journal Transportation Blog

Health Study Targets Major Calif. Rail Yard
Business Week

How High-Speed Rail Died In Texas, Thrived In Spain

Installing A "Fix" At A Cost Of 9,000 Filled Potholes
Safe Streets Northridge

"New Park Design In Los Angeles" Exhibit Dreams Of A City Turning Back The Clock (Updates on several L.A. park projects, including the 101 freeway cap park, from an exhibit which opened last week at the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design)
Los Angeles Times

Next Tuesday's City Council: Jaime De La Vega And Wilshire Bus Only Lanes
StreetsBlog LA

NYU Professor Studies Subway Maps, Shows They Were Evil All Along
AOL Travel
Mind The Map!: The Impact Of Travel Maps On Travel Decisions In Public Transit
(25p. PDF)
Zhan Guo, New York University

One Way To Cure Congestion: Urban Abandonment
StreetsBlog DC

Opinion: Bike Lanes: Protecting Cyclists Should Be A Priority ("There are a couple of videos circulating online that make a powerful case not just for bike lanes but also for cyclists to actually have the ability to use them, and safely.")
Los Angeles Times

Opinion: Gold Line Chairman On Troubled Monrovia Land Deal: Metro Gold Line Construction Authority Doug Tessitor Writes That Lawsuits Against Monrovia By A Property Owner Are A Significant Hindrance To Reaching A Deal With The City
Monrovia Patch

Pavement Contributes To Poor Air Quality: Paved Roads And Sprawl Are Likely To Blame For Summertime Smog Buildup
Scientific American
Air Quality Worsened By Paved Surfaces: Widespread Urban Development Alters Weather Patterns
National Science Foundation

Planning Panel Hikes NFL Stadium Focus
Los Angeles Daily News

San Joaquins Lead Amtrak California Ridership Gains
California High Speed Rail Blog

"Solar Tunnel" To Power 4,000 Trains Annually

The Taxi As Public Transportation ("By recording their own activity, taxis become sensors that roam the city painting a detailed picture of traffic conditions, travel demand, and even the locations where passengers give the best tips. We can learn a lot about the city from taxis, but we can learn even more about taxis themselves and their role in the urban environment.")

That Influential Texas "Urban Mobility Report"
Human Transit

Unsafe Buses Stay On Road As U.S. Regulator Backs Off Shutdowns
San Francisco Chronicle

Update: State Senate Approves 3-Foot Passing Bill
LADOT Bike Blog

An Uphill Battle On Oil Dependency (The National Energy Policy Institute's efforts to keep the issue of oil dependency alive)
New York Times

Want To Reduce The Trade Deficit? Stop Driving So Damn Much

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