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NoHo Metro Development, Wilshire BRT, Gold Line Parking, Transit Transformation of South LA, LB Transit Mall, CAHSR & More

405 Shutdown Will Be A "Nightmare"
Canyon News

Biggest Transit Project In L.A. History Still On Hold For NoHo, But Financing Prospects Have Improved: Announced In 2007, The $1 Billion Development Is Still In The Works For The North Hollywood Metro Area

North Hollywood-Toluca Lake Patch

Blogging (In) L.A.: Green L.A. Girl
Blogging Los Angeles

Bus-Only Lanes Are A Bad Idea West Of Beverly Hills
Brentwood News

Buses Take Off, But Not Everybody Is On Board ("One of the hottest trends in urban mass transit is—the bus.")
Wall Street Journal

Can A Transit Line Transform South Los Angeles?
USC Annenberg Watt Way

Can This Creepy Graphic Keep Drivers From Killing Pedestrians?
Fast Company Design

Celebrate The Transit Mall's Reopening (June 2)
Long Beach Transit

Celebrating National Transportation Week In California: One Day, Many Transportation Benefits
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

"Complete Streets" Legislation Introduced In House ("
The bill calls for consideration of the “safety and convenience” of all users in “all phases of project planning and development.”)
National League Of Cities

Dodger Games By Metrolink
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

Driving At Peak Time? Pay A Fee: "Congestion Pricing" Is A Better Alternative To Charging Taxes Based On The Number Of Miles Driven. It Would Save The Government Money, And It Would Save Taxpayer Time
Christian Science Monitor

Editorial: Pull Plug On High-Speed Rail? Why?
Sacramento Bee

Enhancing Internal Trip Capture Estimation For Mixed-Use Developments (165p. PDF)
National Cooperative Highway
Research Program

Experts Agree: Six-Year Transportation Bill Won't Pass This Year
StreetsBlog DC

Express Bus Corridors Increasingly Popular Transit Option ("The Orange Line BRT in California’s largest city opened in 2005, spanning about 23 kilometres and carrying nearly 27,000 people daily...There are concerns that the line is so popular that it has become a victim of its own success, n
earing its peak capacity within a short time of its opening, far sooner than was expected.")
Globe And Mail (Canada)

Finding The Means To Keep Transit Running ("As the FTA considers these future changes in what it agrees to fund, shifting more national dollars to transit operations, it must also establish standards that define what minimum standards need to look like.")
Transport Politic

Five Media Myths That Perpetuate Car Culture
StreetsBlog DC

The Future Of Rail: Freight Railroads Have Made A Strong Comeback In Recent Years. Can They Stay On Track?
("An email discussion about the future of rail with panelists from the private and public sides of the business.")
Wall Street Journal

Gas Prices Could Plummet For Summer Driving
USA Today

Gold Line Planners Seek Site For Parking Lot
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin'

Has The Monorail's Future Finally Arrived? It's Gaining Traction As A Solution In Areas Where Mass-Transit Needs Are Surging
Wall Street Journal

High-Speed Rail Makes Whistle Stop In Santa Clarita

How Tranquil: "Greenway" Coming To Expo Line Westwood Station
Curbed LA

Inland Empire Can't Afford High Cost Of Oil
San Bernardino Sun

Little. Yellow. Dangerous. "Children At Play" Signs Imperil Our Kids

Long Beach's Rosa Parks Park Debuts Saturday
Long Beach Press-Telegram

A Mileage Tax? Who Said Anything About A Mileage Tax?
Wall Street Journal

Move It!: How The U.S. Gets Transportation Policy Wrong -- And How To Get It Right ("
For an idea of the way ahead, consider Los Angeles. Under a far-reaching plan by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, the city will add and extend bus lines and create corridors to connect residential and commercial areas. The Westside Subway Extension will also include a station at Century City, one of the largest employment centers in the county.")
Wall Street Journal

Opinion: How To Fix American Transportation (Rep. John Mica, chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee)

Opinion: What We've Done To Turn Around Los Angeles (Antonio Villaraigosa : "
Let's talk about traffic...")
Los Angeles Daily News

Outlook Dim For Highway Reauthorization ("
There is practically no chance that Congress will approve any increase in infrastructure investment this year, and only a small chance that it will pass any highway legislation at all - other than an extension of the current program that might have to include funding cuts on the order of 30 percent.")
Trucking Info

Seven Bipartisan Fixes To Our Transportation Problems
Natural Resources Defense Council Switchboard Blog

Should California Put Its High-Speed Rail Project On Hold

The Technology Behind Bike Sharing Systems
CNN Money

Trusting The Government With Highways ("
Does the highway trust fund system need a complete overhaul (or at least the appearance of it) to win over naysayers like [Sen. Orrin] Hatch? Should policymakers take a more serious look at a privately financed toll road system?")
National Journal Transportation Blog

Where The Money Is (Hint: It Isn't The Government)
Wall Street Journal

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