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72% Say $5-A-Gallon Gas Likely By July 1
Rasmussen Reports

America Fast Forward With Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
Engineering News-Record

America's Mayors Say No More Bridges To Nowhere: Oppose Gas Tax Unless More Is Invested In Metro Areas To Rebuild Roads And Bridges And Expand Transit
(3p. PDF)
United States Conference Of Mayors Press Release

Metropolitan Transportation Infrastructure Survey (8p. PDF)
United States Conference Of Mayors

Bin Laden Backlash? What US Cities Are Doing To Stop Terrorist Attacks
(Both Los Angeles and transit in general are discussed)
Christian Science Monitor

Bullet Train Could Run Up Grapevine After All

California Infill Builders Association: For Infill Builders, By Infill Builders

The Planning Report

D.C. Students To Get Electronic Transit Passes For Metro Use
Washington Post

The DesertXpress Media Event Was A Dud: Trouble For High-Speed Rail?

Vegas Inc.

Fred Harvey Architect Mary Colter's Last Two Gifts To Los Angeles

LA Observed

Freedom Rides Turn 50
The Takeaway

Fresno High-Speed Rail Routes Might Change

Fresno Bee

Help Plan The Future Of Bunker Hill: With Project Area Expiring, Community Needs Zoning Plan

Los Angeles Downtown News

Is There A Future For Airships?: A Safer Era Of Airships, Otherwise Known As Dirigibles, Is Trying To Usher In A Low-Carbon Future For Air Cargo

Scientific American

Long Beach Gearing Up For National Bicycle Month Celebrations

Long Beach Post

Long Beach Mayor Foster Proposes Fix For Redevelopment ("With the future of redevelopment in California still in question, Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster has a proposal that could settle the state's det while allowing redevelopment to continue.")
The Planning Report

Mayors Rebel Against State-Controlled Highway Expansion, Fight For Transit
StreetsBlog DC

Metro Proposes Budget Increase: Agency Warns Possible Cuts In State, Federal Funding May Have Impact

Los Angeles Daily News

Metro Urged To Add A Leimert Park Stop On The Crenshaw Line: The Agency Cites Costs And Other Planned Stops Nearby

Los Angeles Times

National Train Day
(Saturday, May 7 : nationwide celebration featuring events, promotions, children's programming and more)
National Train Day

Los Angeles Union Station Event Schedule

New Livable Streets Group Rises In Alhambra

StreetsBlog LA

Pain From Increased Gas Prices Is Mostly Mental

American Public Media Marketplace

President Obama's Transportation Bill Prioirtizes Livability, High-Speed Rail
StreetsBlog DC

Ray LaHood: A Driving Force In White House
("LaHood has...successfully managed $48 billion in stimulus money for rail, airport and highway upgrades. He is praised for his accessibility, plain-spoken demeanor and crusades to end distracted driving and protect airline passengers from endless tarmac delays. And his tech-savvy administration has earned him a legion of followers on Twitter and Facebook.")

Rep. Mica Worried Transit Systems Will Be Targeted For Bin Laden Retaliation
The Hill

Will Metro Ever Offer Express Service?
("Metro "hasn't ruled out" express service. But they currently have no plans to experiment with it either. Nor is express service being accounted for in Metro's various Measure R projects. But it's time we start thinking about this issue. In 30 years LA could have the cleanest, most comprehensive rail system in America. But if it takes people an hour-and-a-half to get to work on public transit, odds are, they're not going to use it.")

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