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Expo I Start Date, Expo II Design, Metro Security, Downtown Streetcar, Metrolink Express, Complete Streets & More

10 Simple Steps (And Pedals And Rides) Cities Are Taking To Move Beyond The Automobile
Mother Nature Network

600 Leaders Gather In La Quinta To Discuss Getting Back To Golden: Jobs, Transportation And Sustainability In Southern California (2p. PDF)
SCAG Press Release

Al-Qaida Could Target LA Rail Lines (video)
My Fox LA

Big LaHood Announcement On High Speed Rail ("U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is making a “major announcement” on high-speed rail [today] in New York and Detroit, according to an advisory his office sent out.")
Transportation Nation

Complete Streets Bill Introduced In House, Policies Gaining In Popularity Across The Country
Transportation For America

Congress To Hold Rail Security Hearings
The Hill

CRA Tries Again For Downtown Parks
Blog Downtown

D.A. Receives Complaint Regarding COG's Handling Of Gold Line Grant
Pasadena Star-News

Editorial: Don't Base Rail Route Solely On Engineers
Bakersfield Californian

Editorial: Express Service Saves Time, Money (Metrolink)
San Bernardino Sun

Expo Phase I Opening Delayed Again, Opening Likely In 2012
StreetsBlog LA

Expo Rail Design Meetings Kick Off Monday
Santa Monica Lookout

First US Interstate Marks 200 Years Of Vital Service
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

Five Years Later: Looking Back On The Spring Street Contraflow Later
Blog Downtown

A Green Transportation Dialog Should Start During National Train Day And Transportation Week
Huffington Post

How To Ride Public Transit From DC To New York ("Like the San Francisco to LA route, this 200-plus-mile trek would rival the cost of airfare and might take a few days to complete, but it requires only half as many transfers.")

The Ineluctable Politics Of Transport Funding ("Take Los Angeles Metro, which is supposed to take responsibility for highways and transit in its region. Of the $40 billion the agency is expected to bring in over the next thirty years from the 1/2¢ sales tax approved in 2008, just 35% will go to roads, with the rest being spent on transit capital and operations expenditures.")
Transport Politic

Is There A Case For Alternative Transportation? ("Now that fuel prices are emptying our wallets, is it time to ask whether we are too dependent on our cars? Should commuters have more options for getting around? Are the advocates seeking more bus lanes and parking fees to pave roads actually declaring a war on cars? Does it make sense to talk about alternative transportation in the wake of high gas prices? Or are gas prices and public transit unrelated?")
National Journal Transportation Blog

A Last Gasp For The Initial Intercity Rail Grants
Transport Politic

Late-Night Trains May Increase Our Ties To L.A.
("The change nudges Metrolink closer to a 24-hour schedule: With the first weekday train at 4:06 a.m. and the last one at 11 p.m., that's only five hours a day without train service.")
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
Mayors' Survey: Cities Need Transportation Infrastructure Investment
American City & County

Metrolink Trains Will Connect Redlands, San Bernardino ("A plan to bring passenger rail service to Redlands by using refurbished Metrolink cars rather than a light rail line will be the subject of two public meetings this week.")
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Mica Wants To Abandon Federal Commitment To Bike-Ped Funding
StreetsBlog DC

MTA Plans Security Upgrades On Rail Lines: Transit Officials In Los Angeles County Say $10 Million In Improvements Were Planned Before The Discovery That Osama Bin Laden Had Wanted Al Qaeda To Strike U.S. Rail Systems
Los Angeles Times

My Clockwork Orange: Finding Cohesion On Metro (Part subway, part bus, the Orange Line is a mutant in the world of public transportation...On the Orange Line, it can be a ride through history itself, as the lumbering bus travels over the same roads the Southern Pacific Railroad and the Pacific Electric Red Car once did.")

New Automated Parking Garages All The Rage In LA
Curbed LA

Opinion: Cities Need To Work Together ("Have you ever wondered why the Metro subway ends at the opening to the San Fernando Valley, Burbank and Glendale, or why the Gold Line turns south in Pasadena and heads toward downtown Los Angeles? Or why freeways through the valley region don’t connect in all directions at interchanges, or why there are only two lanes east and west at the heavily trafficked 101-134 freeway interchange?")
Burbank Leader

Opinion: Public-Private Partnerships Can Ease Gridlock
Orange County Register

Opponents Of Century City Subway Station Are "Misguided"
LA Observed

pLAnning (Volume 1, Issue 1 of a new quarterly newsletter providing news and information. This issue includes a history of planning in Los Angeles (1849-1996), the Hollywood community plan, the city's Zone Information and Map Access System, and more)
City Of Los Angeles Planning Department

Ports To Triple Power Supply To Port Ships, Reduce Pollution
Beverly Hills Courier

Responding To A Transit Terror Threat: Bomb Sniffing Dogs, Bag Searches And More?
StreetsBlog LA

Sen. Schumer Proposes "No-Ride List" For Amtrak Trains

So Much For Supply And Demand: Transit Ridership Spikes, Funding Plummets
StreetsBlog DC

Streetcar Could Ride Further North, South: Metro Seeking Input On Where The System Should Go ("Metro is hosting a public scoping meeting on May 17, and community members will be invited to scrawl on maps, envisioning their ideal alignments, and pointing out any potential flaws that the streetcar organizes may have overlooked. The meeting is one of several steps that Metro, as the lead agency for the project’s environmental analysis, must take in order to qualify the project for federal funding. Streetcar organizers hope that federal dollars will pay for nearly half of the project.")
Los Angeles Downtown News

Surface Transportation Bill Drafting In Progress, Mica Says
Journal Of Commerce

Two Years After The Stimulus Bill: Still A Political Grudge Match
StreetsBlog DC

US DOT Announces $2 Billion For High Speed Rail
Transportation Nation

Want To Add To Congestion? Then It's Going To Cost You
New York Times

Why (Much Of) Obama's Transpo Plan Can Survive The GOP Knife
StreetsBlog DC

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