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Budget Deal Cuts Into Unused Transport Money: 2011 Intercity Rail Grants Wiped Out; Some Highway Spending Authority Rescinded
Journal Of Commerce

Budget Deal Zeroes Out High-Speed Rail, But Preserves TIGER And Sustainable Communities Funding

Transportation For America

Can Wind And Solar Energy Power Traffic Lights?

Government Technology
Energy Plus Roadways
University Of Nebraska-Lincoln

City Awards Construction Bids, Sponsors Festival ("The council established an agreement between itself and its corresponding redevelopment agency to utilize $59,750 to establish a business improvement district that would finance a shuttle service connecting the Hayden Tract, the Culver City Light Rail Station and downtown.")
Culver City Patch

City Considering New Rules Allowing Communities More Control Over Car Parking Requirements

StreetsBlog LA

Competitive Grant Programs Could Benefit From Increased Performance Focus And Better Documentation Of Key Decisions (60p. PDF)

U.S. Government Accountability Office

Editorial: Don't Extend The 710; Shrink It And Expand Alternatives

StreetsBlog LA

Editorial: L.A.'s Mass Transit Systems Getting More Appealing As Gas Prices Climb

Los Angeles Downtown News

IBM Wants To Improve Your Commute With Traffic Prediction

IBM App Predicts How Your Commute Will Go

Intercity Passenger Rail: Recording Clearer Reasons For Awards Would Improve Otherwise Good Grantmaking Practices (58p. PDF)

U.S. Government Accountability Office

Los Angeles: The MTA's Bus Stop Strategy ("Given Metro's less than stellar record of bringing in capital projects on budget, and considering its failure to provide for the very large capital renewal and replacement costs of the current rail lines as they age, exactly how does it expect to pay the operating costs of the expanded system it is rushing to construct?")

New Geography

Metro Sets More Subway Advisory Group Meetings

Westwood-Century City Patch

Park, Parking Structure May Have To Co-Exist To Make Way For Gold Line

San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Rail Safety Program Dropped In Deal

Rising Gas Prices Force Consumers To Make Choices (the graphs tell the story)

Traffic Sensors Expected To Help Forecast Backups ("IBM, Caltrans and a UC Berkeley transportation research center [have announced] the collaborative project to help commuters steer around congestion by warning them of anticipated troubles on the road and predicting trip times.")
San Francisco Chronicle

What Advice Would You Give To Someone Taking Public Transit For The First Time? The Community Answers


White House Comes Out For Streetcars

United Streetcar Putting Americans To Work, Putting America In Position To Win The Future
The White House