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California AG Condemns Environmental Plan ("Kamala D. Harris issued a statement critical of the Santa Clarita Valley Area Environmental Impact Report. The report is needed to assess the potential effects of proposed population growth in the valley.")
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Google Sets Role In Mobile Payment ("potentially eliminating the need to carry cash, credit and debit cards, reward cards and transit passes.")
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L.A. Bus Commercials (1956) (Article and comments provide additional information regarding those involved in ERA Productions' animated advertisements for Los Angeles' Metropolitan Coach Lines)
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A New Model Streets Manual To Rewrite Los Angeles' "DNA" ("Guidelines to support improved safety, livability and active transportation options...cities can use it, adopt it, steal it, and plagiarize it.")
Project For Public Spaces
Model Streets Manual On Its Way: Move Over Old Traffic Handbook (Describes the 12 chapters covering street design elements)
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Pricing And "The Poor" ("Is congestion pricing -- charging more to use a facility when it's in high demand, in order to decongest that facility -- an unacceptable burden on the poor?")
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(Street) Signs Of The Times ("Have you noticed the new Los Angeles City street signs lately?" They are evolving once again)
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A Transportation History Lesson ("Two articles this week highlighted some of our transportation roots, both locally and nationally.")
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Unsprawl Case Study (How did this Town Square, a mixed-use transit-oriented development built during the 2007 housing and financial crisis, become a raging success?)

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