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10/110 Solo Tolls Opposed, Metrolink Express, West Valley River Bike Path, Bike To Work, Gas Prices & More

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IBM Smarter Cities Challenge

UCLA Be A Green Commuter!

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Bike To Work Website (The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center has launched a new website that includes resources and guidance on commuting by bike throughout the year. The new site focuses on providing resources to beginner and advanced bicycle commuters and to others who want to promote bike commuting)
Bike To Work

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Is High-Speed Rail The Future Of Cities? (Or will telecommuting make it irrelevant?)
This Big City

LA Birthplace Becomes Battleground Over History ("With downtown Los Angeles' ongoing revitalization, including a possible high-speed rail hub nearby, the area has become a battleground for the descendants and advocates of the city's ethnic communities with a stake in the site.")
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American Prospect

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Metro Budget Planning Document Contains Some Revelations
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Metrolink Plans Rush-Hour Express Trains To Downtown (from San Bernardino, Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita Valley)
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National Experts To Create Master Blueprint For Building A Healthier Los Angeles (A panel will convene today at Kyoto Grand Hotel, while a public forum will be held tomorrow at Metro Headquarters)

Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

New Flea Is 75% Food Truck Jamboree, 25% Swap Meet ("On Sunday, Union Station was packed with crowds flocking to treats from a flotilla of food trucks, including Komodo, Border Grill, Gourmet Genie, The Munchie Machine, and Crepes Bonaparte…and a few people who came along for the shopping at the inaugural Truckit Fest, the first of what's supposed to be a monthly thing.")
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Progressive Railroading

Put It On My Card: Open Fare Payment On Public Transit (audio : ACS, Xerox's open-fare payment model)
Xerox Real Business Radio

Subterranean Building Blues: The Saga Of San Francisco's Central Subway (When it’s all done, San Francisco’s Central Subway will add four stops to the light rail line that runs up the city’s southeast side. By the time it opens it will have been in the works for 15 years; the price tag is $1.6 billion. At a time when MUNI is already facing more than a $1 billion deficit over the next 20 years, is building the subway worth it?)

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TransportationCamp East On Film (video : film highlights of the transportation "unconference" March 5-6 in New York City)

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