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MTA New Natural Gas Bus, 710 Tunnel Forum, OC Freeway Project, BRT Growth, Green Line Anniversary & More

20 Years Ago Today: Groundbreaking For The "Fully Automated" Metro Green Line...But Why Doesn't It Go To LAX?
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

$277 Million Freeway Project Will Take Nearly Four Years: Aimed At Improving Carpool Traffic Between The 22, 405, And 605 Freeways, The Connector Project Asks Commuters To Suffer Today For Long-Term Improvements
Belmont Shore-Naples Patch

Angeles Crest Highway Will Likely Be Closed Until Spring Due To Rain Damage
Los Angeles Times

Area Leaders Discuss Proposed 710 Tunnel: A Forum On Public Transportation On Jan. 22 In Pasadena Drew A Large Crowd
South Pasadena Patch

A Crash-Less Course In Driving MTA's New Natural Gas Bus ("Nothing matches the experience of driving a 16-ton bus around a training course and then slamming on the brakes...Using natural gas saves L.A. from nearly 300,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions over diesel buses. Per day.")
Los Angeles Times

Egypt's Unrest Sparks Fear About Oil
("Congressional Republicans quickly called for a greater push for North American energy production, including accelerating oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Democrats will undoubtedly use high prices to pursue more conservation and oil-alternatives.")

The Explosive Growth Of Bus Rapid Transit
American Society Of Landscape Architects' The Dirt Blog

A Friendlier Figueroa Street In L.A.

Glimmers Of Progress On Highway Reauthorization
Trucking Info

High-Tech Infrastructure: Vision Versus Reality ("How do traditional transportation companies that are oriented toward government dollars work together with private-sector telecom companies that put in the lion's share of investment towards Internet access? Is Obama's vision of a totally connected nation -- through rail and Internet -- a bit too futuristic? If so, what needs to happen in government and in the private sector to make it a reality?")
National Journal Transportation Blog

House Transportation Committee Knocks High-Speed Rail Funding Plan
Travel Management

Is State Wasting Money On Bloated Car Fleet? Gov. Orders Car Cuts
StreetsBlog LA

LAX Grows, ONT Shrinks
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Long Beach Constructs First Ever Separated Bikeways
Southern California Public Radio

Memo To Metro: "Additional Details" On Bus Cuts AWOL
StreetsBlog LA

Metro Considers Station Branding To Boost Revenue ("Is L.A.'s Metro next on the branding bandwagon?")
Blog Downtown

MTA Proposes Service Changes: Transportation Officials Encourage Residents To Voice Their Ideas At Several Upcoming Community Meetings
Glendale News-Press

The Nation's Outlook On Trains: Bullet Trains May Be Sidetracked, But Not Commuter Rail

Once Popular, Carpools Go The Way Of Hitchhiking
New York Times via Oakland Tribune

Our View: Still Stuck In Traffic, No Longer No. 1
Pasadena Star-News

Perspectives Offered On The 710 Freeway Tunnel
Crescenta Valley Weekly

Political Landscape: Frommer Faces Roadblocks On Transportation Issues
Glendale News-Press

Republicans Embrace Obama Rail Initiative
The Hill

Road Tax Alternative: Pay For Each Mile You Drive

Schedule For Transpo Bill Listening Tour Announced
(Southern California Feb. 21-23)
StreetsBlog LA

Six Ideas For The Future Of Transportation
("road trains," gas stations of tomorrow, bike-friendly taxis, flying cars and more)

Some Business Leaders Worry Panama Canal Expansion Could Threaten Jobs In Valley, Region (How the Alameda Corridor East, Colton Crossing, Clean Truck Program, Southland ports and other transportation issues could be affected)
Pasadena Star-News

A Sputnik Moment For Smart Growth
Huffington Post

The Trolley Took Us To The End
(Local blogger signs off after more than 4 years with a photo essay of streetcars that served Highland Park and the northeast Los Angeles area; photos courtesy of Metro Transportation Library & Archive)
Highland Park 90042

Will "Intelligent Cities" Put An End To Suburban Sprawl?
USA Today

A Village Grows In Los Angeles (In the heart of Koreatown, an experimental community too over two arpartment complexes in the '90s. Today, it's a thriving group of neighbors trying to live greenly in the city)
L.A. Eco-Village Blog

We've Got To Get Creative On Transit Funding
Shoshin Project

Where Is Verdugo Village? Just Look For The New Signs
Eastsider LA