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2011 New Transit Starts And Openings, Union Station Goes 24/7, "Peak Travel?", U.S. Highway Bill, Year Ahead For Calif HSR, Oil From Carpet & More

2011: The Year Ahead In California HSR
California High Speed Rail Blog

Actually, Highway Builders, Roads Don't Pay For Themselves
StreetsBlog DC

Advancing Congestion Pricing In The Metropolitan Transportation Planning Process: Four Case Studies (60p. PDF)
Federal Highway Administration

Alt 6 Top Transportation Stories Of 2010

As The South And West Grow, The Urban Agenda Should Adjust Accordingly
Next American City

Automated Measurement Of Stress In Continuous Welded Rail (4p. PDF)
Federal Railroad Administration Research Results

Bikers Unwelcome On Many L.A. Trails: A Comprehensive Update Of The City's Bicycle Plan Still Gives Precedence To Hikers And Equestrians
Los Angeles Times

Business-Style Planning: A Key For hard-Pressed Metros

The Four Keys To Moving LA In 2011

High-Speed Rail: Obama's High-Stakes Gamble

Highway Bill Still Stuck In Neutral
Fleet Owner

Highway Trust Fund Battles ("Is there a way to stay within a budget and also maintain adequate maintenance of the nation's highways and runways? Is the "user-fee" model of financing outdated, and if so, what should replace it? Politically, is it really that easy for congressional appropriators to cut transportation funding, as AASHTO and other organizations fear? Or are those groups crying wolf?")
National Journal Transportation Blog

Is California's "Train To Nowhere" A Waste Of Tax Dollars?

A New Source Of Oil: Old Carpet (Four billion pounds of old carpet get dumped every year in the United States, and five pounds of oil goes into producing a single pound of nylon. New recycling methods could save all that oil by producing new nylon from old with little energy cost)
Green Tech Enterprise

New Study Shows Walkable Neighborhoods Make People Happier

New Twist Enlivens Old Station ("Reasonable and reliable 24-hour retail has arrived at Los Angeles’ Union Station!")
StreetsBlog LA

NYC Subway Service Ads Replace Poetry, Literature
Associated Press

Ontario Set On Landing Airport
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

Opening And Construction Starts Planned For 2011
Transport Politic

Proposed Wilshire Bus Lane: Good Idea Or Bad?
Westside Today

Republicans Want To Hoard Transpo Money And Call It Deficit Reduction
StreetsBlog DC

A Road Less Traveled: Passenger Travel In The Industrialized World Has Been Stagnant For Nearly A Decade, Researchers Say (“With talk of ‘peak oil,’ why not the possibility of ‘peak travel’ when a clear plateau has been reached?”)

San Francisco Mobility, Access, And Pricing Study (63p. PDF : "This Study evaluates the applicability of congestion pricing to San Francisco’s transportation system within the context of a wider mobility management strategy that encompasses efforts in demand management and investment in Transit First1 modes, among other strategies.")
San Francisco County Transportation Authority

Stop, Look And Love: 8 Redesigns Of Classic Traffic Lights
Web Urbanist

Tea Partiers See A Global Conspiracy In Local Planning Efforts
Next American City

Top 10 Infrastructure Stories Of 2010
(photo essay)

A Transportation Manifesto For A New Decade
StreetsBlog Network

Transportation Research Board 2010 Annual Report (76p. PDF : Summary of TRB's programs and activities over the last year and an overview of its divisions)
Transportation Research Board

The Urban Landscape From A To Z (An alphabetical look back at 2010)

Would Bike-Only Boulevards Be All Bad?

The Year Ahead In Bikes