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Gas Tax Proposal, MUTCD Explained, Expo Expose, L.A. Live Controversy, Rosa Parks Anniversary, Zipcar's Green Factor & More

55 Years After Rosa Parks Stayed In Her Seat, FTA Pursues Equal Transit Access For All
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

Attorney General Says Local Transit Officials Cannot Serve On State Bullet Train Board
Los Angeles Times

Breaking Down The Cost Benefit Of High-Speed Rail
GreenTech Media

City To Sue Itself Over Two Hour Parking
Beverly Hills Courier

Controversy Over High-Speed Rail's Starting Point, Big Decision Tomorrow
Curbed LA

Deficit Commission: Raise The Gas Tax, And Soon
Transportation Nation

ExpressPark Aims To Give Smarts To Downtown's Parking Spots
Blog Downtown

Free Workshop For Disabled Transit Riders Dec. 16
Santa Clarita Valley Signal

GOP Demands A Stop To Stim Spending. What Will It Mean For Rail Projects?
StreetsBlog DC

Growing Conservative Strength Puts Transit Improvements In Doubt
Transport Politic

Head To Head: Is High-Speed Rail A Valuable Addition To Infrastructure, Or A Boondoggle?
Sacramento Bee

L.A. Live: Pinnacle Of Modern Design, Or Bad Urbanism? ("While accessibility via transit is one of the components that made L.A. Live a banner project for the ULI, it doesn’t mean the development itself is an accessible one.")
StreetsBlog LA

L.A.'s Light-Rail Fiasco: How Rail Service To The Westside Jumped The Track ("Just as L.A. transit planners are lobbying Washington for money to build a dozen projects over the next decade, the Expo Line has become an embarrassing public failure.")
LA Weekly

MTA To Cut Nine L.A. Bus Lines By Dec. 12
LA Weekly

Private Hiring, Construction Show Some Strength

Ray LaHood: Street Signs Plan "Makes No Sense"
CBS News

Republicans Cut House Climate Panel
The Hill

Resources To Know: The MUTCD -- A Book In The News This Week You May Never Have Heard Of That Impacts You Every Day
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Sports Arena On Its Way Out, But Does LA Need Another MLS Stadium?
Curbed LA

Wheels When You Don't Need Them: As Zipcar Moves Into The Black, Is It Less Green?
Next American City

Why The U.S. Will Not Get China's High Speed Rail
The Atlantic