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California Leads Green Transpo Policies, America's Best And Worst Commutes, Southwest At Risk For Climate Change & More

America's Best And Worst Commutes ("According to U.S. Census data, roughly 76% of U.S. workers drive to work alone. Twelve percent carpool, 4.7% use public transportation, 3.3% work from home, 2.9% walk to work and 1.2% used other means (including a motorcycle or
Best And Worst: 90 Cities Ranked (infographic)

California Leads Nation In Green Transpo Policies, How Does Your State Rank?
StreetsBlog DC

California's Climate Laws Undermined By Weak Transpo Policies, Investment
StreetsBlog SF

Getting Back On Track: States, Transportation Policy, And Climate Change
Natural Resources Defense Council Switchboard Blog

Highways And Labor Markets II

Interview: Matt Roth On The Price Of Driving (Congestion pricing and HOT lanes)

Light Appears At The End Of A Long Bike Plan Tunnel
StreetsBlog LA

Mass Transit Tax Break Could Provide Numerous Benefits

Mayors Support Smart Transportation Investments As Key To Economic Recovery And Public Health ("The leaders of California’s population centers issued a call to the incoming Congress to update the nation’s transportation program to address their citizens’ 21st-century needs,
from upkeep of roads and bridges to a cleaner, more efficient transit network.")
School Transportation News

Metro Offering Free Rides On Christmas & New Year's Eves

"Oscar Tribute Reel" To Bus Routes No Longer With Us
MetroRider LA

Scientists See The Southwest As First Major U.S. Climate Change Victim
New York Times

Senate Approves Up To $230 Per Month Deduction For Commuters
NJ Online

Transit People Posts Guide On Hosting "Free Transit" Field Trips
StreetsBlog LA

What Will Be The Fate Of The Livable Communities Act?
Sustainable Cities Collective