West Hollywood Subway, BUR-Metro Shuttle, I-5 Widening, Port Job Dangers, Japan's Fastest HSR & More

Are Dense WeHo Developments A Problem Without Subway?
WeHo Daily

California High Speed Rail To Break Ground In Central Valley In 2011

Changing Vehicle Travel Price Sensitivities: The Rebounding Rebound Effect
(17p. PDF)
Victoria Transport Policy Institute

Clipper Card Has Some Worried About Privacy Issues (Public transportation not covered by state law protecting privacy)
San Francisco Examiner

D.C. Metro To Invest In Security Protection Against Improvised Explosive Devices
Metro Magazine

The Easier, Safer Rides Of The Future
("The Department of Transportation is funding research to build "intelligent" cars that can warn you of potential accidents and suggest less-congested

Feds Award OCTA $38M For Positive Train Control
Metro Magazine

Fiscal Concerns Eased By Riding Public Transportation: Riding Public Transportation Can Save Individuals Up To $9,515 Annually
APTA Press Release

Help Us Set The April 2011 CicLAvia Date

Input From Pasadena Community Sought For New Land-Use And Mobility Plans
Pasadena Star-News

Japan Kicks Off World's Fastest High-Speed Rail Project, While Our Politicians Do Nothing

Judge Limits [D.C.] Metro Liability In Fatal Crash
Washington Post

LaHood To States: Proceed With Rail Projects Or Give Up Stimulus Funds

LA Neighbors United Asks Feds To Halt Transit Assistance For City Of Los Angeles
PR Newswire

[D.C.] Metro's Talking Buses Now Advising You On Traffic Safety
(“Pedestrian, this bus is turning! Pedestrian, this bus is turning!”)

NASA's Aviation Reporting System Improves Railroad Safety

New Free Shuttle Between Bob Hope Airport And North Hollywood Metro Station
Los Angeles Times
Press Release (2p. PDF)

New York's City Hall Subway Station
(slideshow : New York's famous City Hall subway station has been closed for decades but can now be viewed again by in-the-know riders of the 6 train)

No Wage Increase For Bus Mechanics
Orange County Register

Obama Says U.S. Gridlock Hurts Trade Posture
Journal Of Commerce

Oberstar Legacy Will Outlive 36-Year Term
Mass Transit

On The Waterfront: Port-Related Jobs Are High On Danger List ("Six of America's 10 most dangerous occupations include industries employing some 25,000 people working regularly in the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles.")
Long Beach Press-Telegram

Opinion: Clueless On Failed Subway
WeHo News

Rapid Bus Transit A Cheaper Alternative To Rail

Rahall To Seek Top Dem Spot On Transportation Panel
The Hill

San Francisco Passes First Open Data Law
Fast Company

State Plans I-5 Widening: Improvement To Add Lanes Throughout the SCV Will Cost About $500M
San Clarita Valley Signal

Statistical Methods And Visualization (links to 11 papers that explore modeling injury severity of multiple occupants of vehicles; methods to estimate crash counts by collision type; spatial correlation in multilevel crash frequency models; predicting rear-end crashes at unsignalized intersections; using incident management data to identify hot spots; and regression to the mean in before-and-after speed data analysis)
Transportation Research Record

Subways Threaten LA's Residential Character

They're Watching: More Oversight Of Expo Project Coming
Curbed LA

Transportation: A Moving Target Of Opportunity: Robust Technologies In Transit, Airports, Rails, Highways And Other Infrastructures Signal Jobs For System Integrators
Security Info Watch

Union Pacific Rallies Railroad Fans To Vote Early And Often To Bring Legendary Steam Locomotive To Their Towns

West Hollywood City Council's Big Dreams Of Subway-Oriented Development Goes Down In Flames, Traffic Destined To Be A Nightmare
LA Weekly

What Questions To Ask If/When AEG Announces Their Plan For Downtown Stadium
StreetsBlog LA