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Red Line & Purple Line Walk/Transit Scores, Seatless Subways, L.A. One-Way Streets, Rail Technology Center, Vegas Monorail & More

Architectural Exhibit Reimagines Public Transportation In LA
Southern California Public Radio

As America Grows Fatter, It Burns More Gas

At FRA's TTC In Pueblo, Colorado, Testing Trains, Track, And All Things Rail (An insider's look at the Federal Railroad Administration's Transportation Technology Center)
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

Beyond City Limits: The Age Of Nations Is Over, The New Urban Age Has Begun (The rise of megacities and innovation hubs is leading to a balance shift that will make cities, not nations, the most powerful drivers in the world economy: "[J]ust 100 cities account for 30 percent of the world's economy, and almost all its innovation...These cities are the engines of globalization, and their enduring vibrancy lies in money, knowledge, and stability.")
Foreign Policy
Photo Essay

Can Bike Sharing Work In Cities With Monofunctional Job Centers?
Transport Politic

Can Conservatives Ride "No Train" To Victory?
Huffington Post

Checking In On The Seatless Subway

Cyclists Ask For Progress, Not Promises
Blog Downtown

Finding New Ways To Fill The Tank (research into gasoline substitutes)
New York Times via Gainesville Sun

How To Raise Fares

Is I-5 Expansion An Environmental Disaster? (audio)
Urban Area Transit Strategy

It's Time To Try The One-Way Street Plan
Huffington Post

L.A. Must Lease 9 Parking Garages To Private Operators Or Sack Up To 1,000 Employees

London's Do-It-Yourself Approach To Safer Streets (video)

Mid-Year Meeting 2010 (Irvine, CA : Transportation Research Board Intelligent Transportation Systems Committee : September 21-22)
TRB ITS Committee

Monorail Proposes Plan To Cut $630 Million In Debt
Las Vegas Sun

Our View: Fast Train To Nowhere
Pasadena Star-News

Pay Records Online: Transit Chief Makes $376,000
Orange County Register
Transparency Transportation: OCTA Salaries And Benefits

Plans Afoot For New Pier Bridge
Santa Monica Daily Press

Right-Wing Candidates Attack HSR
California High-Speed Rail Blog

The Seat Belts On The Bus Go Click, Click, Click ("The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has proposed a requirement that seat belts be installed on all new motorcoaches. The requirement would not apply to school buses and may not apply to used buses. Greyhound estimates that 20% of their fleet will have seat belts by the end of this summer.")

Street Safety Projects Threatened As States Give Transpo $ Back To Feds
StreetsBlog DC

Walk Score And Transit Score For Red And Purple Lines
MetroRider LA

With Clipper Card Change, Some Communities Bemoan Lack Of Outreach
StreetsBlog SF