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Revolutionizing The Bus, Expo Line TOD, Federal Transportation Tax, Retrofitting Suburbia, 1922 L.A. Traffic Relief & More

1922 Los Angeles: Unprecedented Growth, Congestion And A Plan For Relief
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

CalTrans Fail? (New signage announces 5-10-60 "Fyws")
Curbed LA

Council Set To Finalize LUCE (Santa Monica Land Use and Circulation Element)
Santa Monica Daily Press

Derided No More, Suburban Life Is Turning Serious
(Academia is slowly embracing suburban studies as a legitimate field of scholarly inquiry)
Associated Press

A Desire For More Streetcars: More Than Half A Century After The Streetcar's Heyday, This Transportation Mode Is Poised To Make A Comeback

Ellen Dunham-Jones: Retrofitting Suburbia (video : noted architect and Congress For New Urbanism Board Member discusses transforming "underperforming asphalt properties" into walkable, sustainable vital centers of community)
Ted: Ideas Worth Spreading

Flip Flop: Parts Of Orange County May Become L.A. County, And Vice Versa

Gas Taxes Give Us A Break At The Pump
USA Today

How Social Media Is Changing The Way Government Does Business

In Westside Los Angeles, A Rail Line Stirs A Revival ("In addition to removing tens of thousands of cars from the road — 64,000 daily riders by 2030, according to transit authorities — the 15.6-mile Expo Line is expected to spawn a variety of mixed-use real estate projects, as some of the city’s previous rail lines have done.")
New York Times

Is This The Sustainable City Of The Future?
Guardian (London)

Keep The Traditional California Dream, Or Is It Time For A New Vision?
Fresno Bee

Potential Rail Car Cost-Saving Strategies Exist (41p. PDF)
U.S. Government Accountability Office

Public Works + Twitter = Cost-Cutting Info Sharing

Separation Of Vehicles: CMV-Only Lanes
(108p. PDF)
National Cooperative Freight Research Program

Slideshow: 12 Worst Government Websites (The list includes two federal transportation sites, as well as the City of Los Angeles)
Information Week

Subway On The Street: The [New York] MTA Has A Simple, Not Very Expensive Ticket For Improving How The City Gets Around - Revolutionize The Bus
New York Magazine

What Do Americans Think About Federal Transportation Tax Options? Results From A National Survey: Research Brief (2p. PDF)
Mineta Transportation Institute
Full-Text Report (65p. PDF)

What's Alan Lowenthal's HSR Game?
California High Speed Rail Blog

Will New York's Bus Rapid Transit System Cause A Bus Revolution?