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ADA Turns 20, Seat Hogs, Religion & Bus Ads, Metro Chair Drives The Bus & More

4th Annual Competition And Call Communicating Concepts With John And Jane Q. Public: Sustainability And Livability (PDF)
U.S. Transportation Research Board Planning And Environment Group

Amtrak To Help Communities Develop Stations For New Service
Progressive Railroading

As [D.C.] Metro Congestion Grows, So Does Anger At "Seat Hogs"
Washington Post
Seat Hogs Website

DOT Celebrates 20 Years Of Progress Under The Americans With Disabilities Act
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

DOTs, Toll Authorities Gain Fans On Social Media
NJTPA Intransition

Forecast: O.C. To Lead SoCal Economy
Orange County Register

MetroFlickrLA: Los Angeles State Historic Park
MetroRider LA

Opinion: California Shouldn't Fall Behind On License Plate Advertising: New Technologies For Displaying Messages On Motorists' License Plates Will Emerge Whether Or Not Sacramento Gets Involved. SB 1453 Will Merely Direct The DMV To Study The Issue
Los Angeles Times

Transit Agencies Find New On-Ramps To The Information Superhighway: Social Media's Stock On The Rise As A Tool To Reach The Public
NJTPA Intransition

Traveler Response To Transportation System Changes: Employer And Institutional TDM Strategies (185p. PDF)
U.S. Transportation Research Board

Vehicle Fee Could Bring In $5M For Street Projects ("San Francisco residents will vote in November on adopting a $10 vehicle registration fee, a measure that’s projected to generate $5 million annually for improvements to transit operations, street conditions and pedestrian networks.")
San Francisco Examiner

Speed Up Transit: Abolish The $1 Bill
Riding In Riverside

Supervisor Knabe Learns To Drive A Metro Bus
(video : "As Chair of Metro, Supervisor Knabe was invited to partake in a hands on bus training session. Supervisor Knabe drove "passengers" around a course set up at the Metro Bus training center. Among the passengers was Second District Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas.")
Supervisor Don Knabe via YouTube

Walking And Biking Key To Reversing U.S. Childhood Obesity Epidemic
The City Fix

When Transportation And Religion Collide: Muslim Ads On The Bus