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Blue Ribbon Committee: Metro Should Focus On The Lines People Use
StreetsBlog LA

Cities' Woes Linger, Thousands Of Jobs Will Go
("Cities and counties are in sorry shape. What's more, they may be among the last entities to feel like they've emerged from the recession.")

Civic Pride Shaping Civic Park: Downtown's $56-Million Project, Which Has Its Official Groundbreaking Thurday, Audaciously Aims To Be Many Things To Many People -- And That Leaves Some Devilish Details To Sort Out
Los Angeles Times

Cordova Road Diet Completed
("May be continued down Cordova all the way to the Del Mar Gold Line station, which will be a substantial connection for bike users that may need access to the metro Gold Line station.")
Brigham Yen

Do Angelenos Long For "Steel Clouds" Above The 101?
Curbed LA

Editorial: Tax Truth: We Need To Raise The Levy On Gasoline
Washington Post

Google Your Next Parking Spot
Open Spot App

Happy 20th Birthday, Metro Rail! Militant Footage Of The Blue Line Grand Opening
Militant Angeleno

Metro Tips Its Hand On Endangered Bus Lines
StreetsBlog LA

Next Stop - California: The Benefits Of High-Speed Rail Around The World And What's In Store For California (47p. PDF)
CALPIRG Education Fund

New Shared-Track Alternative For Bullet Train Minimizes Costs, Eminent Domain But Reduces Future Service Between Los Angeles And Anaheim
TransitRider OC

OCTA Soliciting Metrolink Improvement Ideas, Including On-Site Car Washes, Oil Changes
TransitRider OC
Metrolink Station Parking Management Study

Petition Supporting LA Metro's "30/10 Plan"
Move LA

Port Activity Significantly Increases
Los Angeles Business Journal

State Transportation Statistics 2009
(STS is now a web-only publication)
U.S. Transportation Research Board
Statistical Chapters Index
Full-Text Report (143p. PDF)

To Cut Gridlock, Drivers Should Pay For Fast Lane, New Study Says
(After three years of false starts, new interest in congestion pricing)
Chicago Tribune

Unlocking Freight (Second in a three-part series titled Transportation Reboot: Restarting America's Most Essential Operating System, report explores what is changing in America and the impact of those changes on the demand for new transportation capacity)
Key Findings
Full-Text Report (40p. PDF)
Part One: Unlocking Gridlock: Key Findings / Full-Text Report (48p. PDF)

Whitman Criticized For Opposing High-Speed Rail
San Francisco Bay Guardian

Will California Achieve Its Anti-Sprawl Targets?
StreetsBlog DC